A unique service for clients umarkets.com!

Apply for 100% deposit insurance trading on the news. Earn without fear of losses.

Campaign conditions:

  • The insurance is applied to deposits from $500 to $5000 dollars.
  • The insurance has effect on all transactions opened on the day of news from 00:01 GMT to 00:00 GMT and is valid upon the campaign, which was announced in advance.
  • The insurance is applied to clients who previously confirmed their participation.
  • Insurance is credited in the amount of total loss, calculated in accordance with the results of all trades, opened on the day of news but not exceeding 100% of the sum assured.
  • Returns of funds on deposit in the framework of the campaign are equal to the bonus.
  • Debiting from the deposit is possible only after the obtaining of a transaction volume that exceeds the bonus amount by 10,000 times. If the funds are debited before fulfilling this condition, the entire amount of the bonus will have to be returned (including income received by a bonus) and the account is to be closed. The calculation of the total volume is made taking into account the leverage.
  • Bonuses are credited upon receipt of all required documents confirming the identity of the client.
  • The company reserves the right to terminate the campaign at any time.