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Invite your friends to work with us and get a great bonus!

Now, you can get a great bonus by simply sharing with your friends the opportunity to earn!
Just invite your friends to register with Umarkets and start trading on our platform.
With that you get:
15% bonus (up to $1,500) from the amount of their deposits from $500 to $10,000.

For example, if your friend opens an account with Umarkets and deposits $1,000 for trading, you receive $150 on your trading account. 15% bonus relates to deposits up to $10,000, with higher deposits, the bonus is always $1,500.
It’s really easy!

In order to invite your friend, you need to:

  1. Fill in the form below, indicating your and your friend’s contact details.
  2. If you need help of our consultant, you can contact us in any way convenient for you:

Phone: +44 203 695 8926, +501-223-2099, +971-65315252
The terms and conditions of the program are listed below.

Invite your friend to trade with Umarkets today and get a bonus on your trading account!
Everyone will benefit from our program “Friend invites a friend”!





Terms and limitations of the program “Friend invites a friend”:

  1. A bonus is credited only after the “attracted client” makes a deposit and is accredited by our finance department.
  2. The attracted client must be a new Umarkets client, having no previous accounts with the company, even under a different name.
  3. A bonus is not granted for a friend who already trades through Umarkets.
  4. 15% bonus relates to deposits from $500 to $10,000. For deposits over $10,000, the bonus is always $1,500.
  5. A bonus is not granted if a friend is registered through another broker.
  6. This bonus is not duplicated with other bonuses offered by Umarkets.
  7. Withdrawal of the bonus from the account is possible only after “the attracted client” reaches the necessary volume of transactions on his/her trading account in accordance with the general terms and conditions of working out of a bonus, set out in the “Terms of Service”. At the same time, the required trading volume is set at the level of 50% from the one specified in the “Terms”.
  8. Umarkets reserves the right to cancel the crediting of a bonus unilaterally, if an attempt to attract fictitious clients is made.
  9. Umarkets reserves the right to change or terminate this program at any time.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us by email: