Instruction for installation:

1. Go to App Store on your mobile device.

2. Type “MT4” or “Metatrader4” into search menu and click “Search.

3. Select “MetaTrader4” from list of applications. Click “Install.”

*If you already have an existing account, follow steps #4-#7 directly below:

4. Run MetaTrader4 and connect to existing account once installation is complete. If you are already using MetaTrader4, type “+” in Accounts menu and connect to account.

5. Type “maxi” in the search box and select “MaxiServices – Maxi Services”

6. Type in your account number (login) and password.

7. Log in.

*If you haven’t registered yet, continue from step #3 above to steps #4-#8:

4. If you’d like to start trading with a demo account, start MetaTrader4 and register a demo account once installation is complete.

5. Type “maxi” in search box and select “MaxiServices—Maxi Services”

6. Fill in demo account registration form and click “Register.”

7. Save your Login and Password

8. Click “Done” to log in to your demo account.