What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a text file with data. When you visit a website, cookies are placed on your computer. They are automatically added to your browser database. These files do not spread viruses and do not contain any other threats to your computer or mobile device.

Why do we use Cookies

We use this data to improve our website’s performance. Cookies help comply with user needs so that he/she sees only relevant and interesting information.
Cookies make it easy and more convenient to use the website. For example, they automatically determine your native language and guess your location or region. Cookies used by us do not collect your personal data or passwords. Without your consent, the website will not remember your username or email address and will not save the password.

What Cookie types do we use?

Session Cookies

These files store authorization data. This is necessary to ensure that during the use of the website, your account is not reset. Once the browser is closed or with the passage of time, cookies are erased automatically.

Persistent Cookies

This is data about your region, native language and about all changes that you made to the website settings. Notifications that you have read or closed are also stored there.

Third Party Cookies

These files include information about how you got to the website and how you navigate through the pages. We analyze this data to provide a high-quality user experience. Third party cookies are also stored by other websites. We can not control them, but thanks to this data, you can register on the website or leave a comment through accounts on social media platforms.