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In connection with the celebration of the Day of Spring and Labor on 1 May 2017 there will be changes in the work of some of the tools:

Trading on MT4 platform:

Index CSI300 - trading is closed.

Index FTSE50China - trading is closed.

Index MICEX - trading is closed.

Russian shares - trading is closed.

Arabic shares - trading is closed.

European shares - trading is closed.

Chinese shares - trading is closed.

Dear traders!

We would like to draw your attention that in connection with Tesla's upcoming quarterly reporting on 1 May 2017, there will be some changes in the margin requirements on all types of accounts.

The margin required to open a deal will be increased 4 times for Tesla shares.

The return of normal margin requirements will be announced later. We are confident that a cautious and prudent approach to trading will allow you to make successful operations and get a predictable profit.

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