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How to trade?

An example of profit-making powered by the platform

  1. Select the direction of a transaction.
  2. For example: to buy euros and sell dollars.
  3. Determine the amount of a transaction.
  4. The platform automatically gives you the leverage level 1:200. Thus, having on the account $1000, you can open transactions up to $200 000 dollars. In this case, your profit is counted from the total amount of the transaction.
  5. Select the level or amount of “Stop Loss” (in other words, if euro suddenly starts to fall, at any moment you can automatically close the transaction to limit your losses).
  6. Establish the “Take profit” level to automatically fix the profit.
  7. If all values are correct, click “Confirm”.

So, if you chose the amount of 100,000 euros, bought the euro at the rate of 1.2810 and later sold it (closed the position) at the rate of 1.2890, as applicable, your profit would be:

100 000 * (1.2890 – 1.2810) = 100 000 * 0.008 = $800 dollars.

How to deposit?

You can deposit to your account by credit card Visa / Master Card, bank transfer and payment online systems: Neteller, CashU. The platform is equipped with a convenient and reliable interface of depositing and debiting with modern means of protection against hacking.

To deposit your account:

  • Go to your personal account on the page
  • Click Deposit
  • Select a convenient way of payment
  • Fill out the suggested form

To deposit the account

Stop Loss

Do not make the mistake of other newcomers. Use the “Stop loss” – an automatic order to close the transaction at that level of losses that you consider acceptable for yourself.

For example: You open a transaction to sell EUR / USD (euro against dollar). You earn, if the euro falls, and as applicable, you bear losses, if the euro rises. “Stop loss” ensures that your loss will not exceed the amount you specified. At the moment when your loss is equal to that amount, the transaction will be closed automatically, even if you are not near a computer.

For the “Buy” transaction the price level of “Stop loss” is set below the order price; for the “Sell” transaction the price level of “Stop loss” is set above the order price. The price levels for stop-losses are usually determined by the maximum (sell transaction) or minimum (buy transaction) price of this or the previous trading day.

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