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Oil hikes after Trump says Saudi, Russia likely to resolve price war

Crude oil futures gained almost 5% on Thursday after U.S. President Donald Trump stated that he anticipated an agreement will be reached by Saudi Arabia and Russia regarding their price war. Brent crude futures climbed 4%, or $1, at $25.74. US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 3.7%, or 75 cents, at $21.06. Trump said […]

China removes restrictions on car purchases to increase sales

In select regions, China had removed limitations placed on buying cars to render sales from the sector stable. Moreover, the country is expediting plans to herd old cars into retirement, China’s Ministry of Commerce had disclosed on Thursday.  Major automakers like Toyota, General Motors (GM), and BMW have reopened its factories in the country the […]

Apple donates 10 Million masks to China amid virus outbreak

SHANGHAI – Apple has sourced and procured 10 Million masks to donate them to the medical community of China amid the coronavirus outbreak. CEO Tim Cook said that Apple resumed its operations and reopened its 42 stores in China. The Apple stores had been closed in the early weeks of February as China restricted travel […]

Samsung Display to end all LCD production in South Korea and China by end 2020

South Korean screen manufacturer, Samsung Display said on Tuesday that it would be halting all production of LCD panels in South Korea and China by the end of 2020. The company is doing this in order to produce more advanced screen panels, according to its spokesperson. The extension of tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd […]

New Zealand central bank increases liquidity for businesses

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) disclosed its decision of utilizing more instruments to increase the liquidity of business sector and to aid market activities in order to minimize disruptions brought by the novel coronavirus. RBNZ released pronouncement which implements Open Market Operation (OMO). Implementation of such will be every Tuesday and is expected […]

Dollar, yen gain as investors turn to safety amid pandemic

The dollar broke a week of declines as the Japanese yen climbed on Monday, while restrictions around the world intensified and markets remained scrambling. The dollar rose against the euro, pound, Australian dollar, and New Zealand dollar. The euro was down 0.5%, at $1.1082; the pound fell 0.7%, at $1.2371; and the Australian dollar last […]

Dollar slips as markets brace for  unemployment claims surge

The dollar plunged against the Japanese yen on Thursday before the release of data expected to increase claims for unemployment benefits in the US. Several American firms lay off employees due to the persisting virus outbreak. The pound fell against the euro and the dollar as the market remained wary of Britain’s ill-preparedness for a […]

Singapore prepares for recession as virus-hit economy drops in first quarter

Singapore’s economy contracted by 2.2% in the first quarter from a year earlier according to preliminary data released on Thursday. The decline went at the sharpest pace since the 2009 financial crisis which led the city-state to prepare for a recession. The data will likely dull business outlook and pile on fears that a fast-declining […]

Oil soars as US stimulus relieves heavy market sentiment

SINGAPORE- Oil prices continued its positive performance for third day on Wednesday. Crude rode bullish tide together with other financial markets on optimism that the U.S. Federal Reserve will soon implement large volume of stimulus package to minimize the economic impact of the coronavirus contagion. US West Texas Intermediate CLc1 was at $25.24 per barrel […]

Asian shares follow Wall Street gains as U.S. stimulus brings new hopes

Asian shares continued to rally on Wednesday with Wall Street recovering from major losses as U.S. Congress drew near to rolling out a $2 trillion stimulus package in a response to aid a virus-hit economy. MSCI’s broadest index of Pacific Asia outside of Japan advanced by 1.7%. Meanwhile, Japan’s Nikkei soared by 4.8%.  Shares in […]

Dollar suffers as Fed’s money easing affects fiat supply

The dollar traded red on Tuesday on signals that secured funding conditions are easing slightly after the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to give bottomless quantitative easing to offset and ensure greenback liquidity. The dollar index =USD shed 0.5% to 101.64. It strayed farther from Friday’s upbeat performance of 102.99, its strongest session since January 2017. […]

Oil prices gain as investors pin hope on US economic stimulus package

Oil prices gained on Tuesday as investors hope for a fast approval regarding the U.S. lawmakers’ proposed $2 trillion coronavirus aid package. The aid package is expected to ease the pandemic’s impact on the global economy, while underpinning oil demand. Brent crude oil futures was up 2.3%, or 62 cents, at $27.65 per barrel. West […]

Futures decline again as coronavirus spread stirs contraction fears

The U.S. stock index futures fell on Monday as fears of economic damage grew in the markets due to various national lockdowns in an attempt to contain the pandemic.  Goldman Sachs predicted a 24% decline in US real GDP in the second quarter. In early morning trade, the Dow e-minis dropped 3.64%, or 694 points; […]

Singapore Airlines to reduce most of its fleet as coronavirus creates “greatest challenge”

Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIAL.SI) will decrease capacity by 96% and land almost all of its fleet, the carrier said on Monday, in reaction to the coronavirus travel restrictions it called the “greatest challenge” it had ever faced. The expedient comes as international travel capital Singapore closed borders to tourists and transiting passengers in a bid […]

Stocks suffer as countries stop business operations to contain virus

SYDNEY- Asian shares dropped on Monday as series of national lockdowns endanger authorities’ schemes of nursing economic disruptions and what appears to be a sharp worldwide recession brought by the novel coronavirus. S&P 500 E-mini futures sunk down 5% while the EUROSTOXXX 50 futures plummeted 6.4%. MSCI”s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares shed 3.8% as […]

World economy suffers in recession due to COVID-19 havoc- economists

The world economy is currently deep in recession as economic disruptions brought by novel coronavirus reached a larger scale, according to economic analysts. The fast-paced contagion of the virus dragged financial markets down even with the implementation of stimulus by central banks across European, American, Asian, and Australian zone. The stimulus was proven to be […]

Dollar slips but nears best week since 2008 financial crisis

The dollar neared its biggest gain in a week since the 2008 global financial crisis, even with a weakened rally, as the pandemic drove investors to cash and damaged the world’s financial plumbing. The dollar hiked 3.7% against a basket of currencies as investors sold stocks, commodities, bonds, and gold in exchange for cash. The […]

Shares slide as Airbus halts operations in France and Spain

Airbus (AIR.PA) made its plans on suspending production in France and Spain for 4 days public. This is of course due to the coronavirus crisis that had reached even the financial sector.   To date, the pandemic had been the most serious across-the-board disruption in the company’s operations. In 1989, a strike at its British […]

Markets hit record lows, recession fears loom as global economy scrambles amid COVID-19

U.S. stocks suffer historic drop as the country shuts its borders and governments worldwide impose drastic measures to contain the virus and the damages it has caused. Financial markets experienced their worst day in 30 years despite the emergency measures by central banks in an attempt to avoid a recession. US stock markets fell 12% […]

US Factories prioritize in-demand products to resupply supermarkets amid virus outbreak

The U.S. consumer product companies shifted their production scheme by halting the run of other products and maximizing the production of essential products that are highly demanded amid the virus outbreak. Traditional retailers and stores have warned against hoarding supplies including toilet paper, cleaning items, and sanitizing products that cause scarcity of supply in the […]

Stocks roil as Fed, central banks implement measures to rescue global economy

Stock markets and the U.S. dollar reeled on Monday as the Federal Reserve cut interest rates as an emergency measure and as other central banks offered cheap dollars in an attempt to avoid a halt in lending markets globally. The sudden policy measures were issued to ease the pandemic’s impact on global economy as more […]

Filipino diplomat is the first coronavirus at U.N. New York

A female diplomat in New York has tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday. She is from the Philippines and the first known case of coronavirus at U.N. New York headquarters. “As of today, the Philippine Mission is in lockdown, and all personnel are instructed to self-quarantine and to seek medical attention should they develop the […]

Japan hints at large-scale spending package in a “bold” step to combat virus

Japan pledged to take “bold and unprecedented” measures in order to combat the economic impact of the coronavirus, according to its economy minister. The statement has led many to believe the Japanese government would unveil a large-scale stimulus package in the future as a move to fight off a recession. Any fiscal package would gain […]

Alain Bellemare steps down as Bombardier’s CEO

Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B), Canada’s multinational manufacturer of business jets, announced that Chief Executive Officer Alain M. Bellemare has been ousted and will be replaced by the former Hydro-Quebec CEO Eric Martel. In 2015, Bellemare was appointed as CEO and president. He directed the company through its biggest trials and criticisms. This includes the bankruptcy issue […]

Rio Tinto Ltd to pay for ex-CEO Sam Walsh deferred pay

AUSTRALIA – Rio Tinto Ltd agreed to disburse former CEO Sam Walsh’s pay as a part of his deferred bonus after finding a resolution to their dispute on Thursday. Rio Tinto’s board and Walsh settled to delay incentive payments in 2017 while investigations were being made in the United Kingdom. This is because of the […]

US stock futures fall, market frustrated with Trump’s surprise pandemic measures

U.S. stock index futures slid on Thursday, nearly hitting its daily down limit following gloomy market response to U.S. President Trump’s announcement regarding measures against the coronavirus pandemic. S&P 500 slid down to 4.7%, to 2,610 points, almost reaching its daily down limit at 2,601 points. Chief market strategist Quincy Krosby at Prudential Financial in […]

Coronavirus strikes more fears over U.S. auto sales, production remains stable

Despite top U.S. automakers executives assuring an undisrupted factory production, fears of a slowdown in sales growth of the car industry in the United States is a recurring theme among forecasts of economic analysts. The big three automakers in the U.S., General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co, and Fiat Automobiles NV reported a continuous, undisrupted […]

Oil drops as US enforces travel ban from Europe amid pandemic

Oil prices fell on Thursday alongside major markets as U.S. President Donald Trump implemented a travel ban on Europe, after the World Health Organization declared the ICOVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Investor worries were doubled by an overflow of cheap supply threatening the market after Saudi Arabia assured an increase in oil production to record […]

Taiwan unveils plans to stabilize stock market amid growing virus concerns

Taiwanese financial authorities said on Wednesday that it had prepared a plan to reinforce the country’s stock market and was considering banning traders from short-selling of positions under specific circumstances. The plan was revealed a few days after its equities board observed the largest single-day outflow since the financial crisis in 2008. Foreign investors on […]

Yen and euro climb as investors turn to safe currencies amid coronavirus fears

The Japanese Yen and the Euro climbed after U.S. treasury yields fell and export-sensitive currencies declined to multi-year lows on Monday, as caused by intensifying virus risks. The Yen climbed over 3% to a day high of $101.69. The Euro soared over 1.4%, to a near two-year high of 1.1452 against the Dollar. The Australian […]

Oil drops 25% after Saudi Arabia cuts prices

Oil prices dropped nearly 25% on Monday, on its way to its steepest loss since 1991 as Saudi Arabia cut prices and planned for a big hike in crude output by April. Prices were down 31% after Saudi started a price war with Russia, which stopped from implementing further supply cuts agreed by OPEC in […]

Bank of Japan to ease monetary policy in March, survey says

Japan is set to lessen monetary policy this month, following sudden measures implemented by the Federal Reserve, as the virus outbreak threatens an economic recession. In a survey, 33 out of 38 economists anticipated an expansion on monetary stimulus by the Bank of Japan. Policymakers globally have been pressured to implement fiscal and monetary measures […]

Demand worries, oil reduction ambiguity drag oil prices

SINGAPORE- Oil fell flat on Friday as crude demand concerns brought by the fast-paced coronavirus contagion were intensified by ambiguity over non-OPEC oil manufacturers still not reaching an agreement for oil cuts to aid prices. Brent crude LCOc1 erased 47 cents, equivalent to 0.9%, and was last quoted at $49.52 a barrel at exactly 0223 […]

U.S. economy expanded amid first wave of virus impact, Fed says

The Federal Reserve released a report on Wednesday claiming that the U.S. economy expanded at a moderate rate in the first weeks of the year, with the study conducted during the incipient rollout of the setbacks in the markets brought by the outbreak of the new coronavirus. “There were indications that the coronavirus was negatively […]

Asian demand for jet fuel expected to extend as virus outbreak impacts global aviation

Jet fuel refinery margins have come under pressure due to the suspension of flights globally over the coronavirus outbreak. However, it may be even more beaten up in coming months as more passengers cancel their flights. The Asian jet fuel market has endured unexpected losses this year which prompted global airlines to suspend flights and […]

Oil advances as stimulus optimism, expected oil reduction counter virus impact

SEOUL- Oil prices soared for a second day on Tuesday as investors grew enthusiastic on expectations that central banks will implement financial stimulus to equalize the impact of coronavirus contagion. In line with this, markets grew upbeat on the hopes that OPEC will impose deeper output reduction. Brent crude LCOc1 increased up to $1.48 a […]

Wall Street shrugs off virus concerns as tech and financial markets surge

Wall Street shrugs off virus concerns as tech and financial markets surge Wall Street shrugged off virus concerns and started on a bullish Monday with tech and financial markets taking the lead. The S&P 500 index as well as the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to its highest by 4.6% and 5.1% respectively. The Nasdaq […]

India’s housing market seen to face difficulties in 2020

India’s housing market seen to face difficulties in 2020 Market experts have predicted India’s housing market to face difficulties in the year as sluggish demand and a dull market sentiment may overwhelm government measures to bolster the country’s economy. Housing prices rose to its weakest 5.7% on average in 2018 with an underperforming market from […]

Japanese stocks decline as global central bank action accelerates global equities

Japanese stocks decline as global central bank action accelerates global equities Japanese stocks declined with U.S. futures surrendering gains on Tuesday after a wave of interest on central banks taking action to bolster the economy resulted in an acceleration of global equities. The Australian Dollar rose despite the country’s central bank slashing its benchmark rate […]

Hyundai Motor suspends factory operations as worker acquires coronavirus

Hyundai Motor closed its factory in South Korea on Friday after one of its workers was confirmed to be infected by the novel coronavirus. The factory operations are suspended indefinitely with popular car models including Palisade sport utility vehicle production being disrupted. After the news broke, Hyundai Motor’s shares in the stock markets slid 5%. […]

World braces for nCoV pandemic; wide recession speculation

BEIJING- Optimism that the coronavirus contagion would be contained in China disappeared on Friday as the disease reached wider scope, hitting other nations. To prepare for a worldwide pandemic, countries started hoarding medical equipment and investors sought safety on the possibility that a global recession may occur. Shares fell flat and were heading towards its […]

China’s CATL to raise $2.85 billion to fund battery projects

China’s CATL to raise $2.85 billion to fund battery projects China’s leading vehicle battery manufacturer CATL said that it would be raising over 20 billion Yuan ($2.85 billion) in order to fund its battery production and storage projects. According to a Wednesday filing to the Shenzhen stock exchange, the company will aid in expanding its […]

New Zealand business sentiment drops amid coronavirus concerns

New Zealand’s business outlook in January had dropped as the coronavirus outbreak in China and abroad piled on concerns over global economic growth, according to an ANZ Bank survey on Thursday. The survey showed that a net 19.4% of participants had expected the economy to stagnate during the current year in contrast to the 13.2% […]

Disney CEO Bob Iger steps down, new Bob takes over as chief executive

Walt Disney announced on Tuesday that Bob Iger is stepping down as chief executive officer, with Bob Chapek taking the helm of the operations of the giant studio. However, Bob Igers will remain to hold a special leadership role taking on the company’s creative division as its executive chairman. He will be with Disney until […]

Samsung appoints former finance minister Bahk Jae-wan as new board chairman

Samsung appoints former finance minister Bahk Jae-wan as new board chairman Samsung Electronics said on Friday that former finance minister Bahk Jae-wan had been appointed as the tech giant’s new board chairman after his predecessor was imprisoned for union-busting activities. Bahk had been serving in the company since 2016 and has been deemed by Samsung […]

Yen drops as virus risks lessen, yuan eases after rate cut

The Japanese yen dropped to a near nine-month low against the dollar as investors recover gain appetite, hoping that China can reduce the impact of the virus outbreak. The yuan was down in onshore trade against the dollar after China cut benchmark loan prime rate to support its economy. The AUD dropped to its lowest […]

Dollar favoured safe haven over yen amid virus fallout

Investors preferred the dollar as safe haven as the yen suffered a sudden drop, causing investors to dodge local assets. Most currencies, from the Australian dollar to the Indian rupee were troubled as the virus’ impact caused investors to seek the dollar. China reported fewer new infections on Thursday. However, scientists warn that the virus […]

Oil advances on supply concerns, demand worries alleviate

Oil clocked in an estimated 1% gains on Thursday, continuing its upward movement from Wednesday as the market was dampened by supply sentiments. In line with this, demand concerns were minimized following a big decline in new novel coronavirus diagnosis at Hubei province in China. Disputes in Libya which led to port and oilfields restrictions […]

Hang Seng and Nikkei underperform after Apple’s revenue warning

Asian markets fell on Tuesday following the news of Hong Kong and Japan’s Apple stocks were declining sharply after the tech giant issued a revenue warning. The Hang Seng Index and South Korea’s KOSPI dropped by 1.3% by 10:45 PM ET (02:45 GMT), while Japan’s Nikkei lost 1.6%.   In China, the Shanghai Composite and […]

Euro underperforms on frail market sentiment, Aussie dollar suffers on data forecast

TOKYO- The euro declined and on track towards three-year low against the dollar. Such inactivity was recorded ahead of the highly anticipated German poll to be released on Tuesday. The said survey is expected to reveal large setback in investor sentiment and trigger pessimism on European economic forecast.                 Financial markets resorted to tight ranges […]

HSBC reports 2019 annual profit, falls 33% short of forecasts

HSBC Holdings PLC posted its annual profit on Tuesday, showing a 33% decline and falling below analyst forecasts. The decline was caused by a $7.3 billion goodwill impairment linked to its commercial banking and investment banking businesses in Europe. HSBC reported a $13.35 billion profit before tax for 2019, compared to $19.89 billion the previous […]

Oil declines as novel coronavirus anxiety lurks

SINGAPORE- Oil prices sunk down on Tuesday as novel coronavirus concerns weighed on the economy directly dragging oil demand in China, the world’s second-largest crude importer. In line with this, financial markets continue to record series of losses.                 Brent crude LCOc1 shed 37 cents, equivalent to 0.6%, to $57.30 per barrel by 0126 GMT. […]

Oil sinks ahead of data disclosing nCoV impact on demand

SINGAPORE- Oil prices underperformed as investors await for Asian economic records that will state the implications of the 2019 novel coronavirus contagion on oil demand in China, world’s second-largest oil importer.  The said data is set to be released this week. Brent crude LCOc1 shed 33 cents, and last stood at $56.99 per barrel by […]

Financial menace hounds British markets amid Brexit transition

The British government, particularly its financial sector, is hounded by a chain of threats after exiting the European bloc at the end of January. The finance minister’s subtle resignation is the latest addition to the British market’s compounding problems. Exchequer Chancellor Sajid Javid resigned on Thursday, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointing Rishi Sunak […]

Japanese policymakers prepare for Q4 GDP decline and virus risks

Japan’s policymakers prepare for a decline in GDP growth and the virus’ impact on consumption and production, warning of poor economic outlook. Executive Director Eiji Maeda of the Bank of Japan warned that weak export demands and low consumption may have hurt 2019’s final quarter GDP. Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said that the virus outbreak […]

Dollar retreats from four-month highs as market recovers risk appetite

The U.S. dollar pulls back from a four-month high against the Euro as appetite for risk currencies improved after the weeklong rally when investors feared the virus outbreak. Nasdaq and S&P 500 indexes gained new highs as a top Chinese health adviser said that the outbreak might be peaking. The coronavirus spread in China could […]

Asian shares inch higher as threats of coronavirus recede

Asian shares inch higher as threats of coronavirus recede Asian shares inched higher on Wednesday amid news of the receding threat of the coronavirus in China. However, uncertainty about the economic impact of the outbreak still kept investors cautious. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan moved up by 0.31%. Chinese shares fell 0.12%, […]

Dollar and yen gain as virus worries affect market mood

The dollar and Yen, as well as US and Japanese bonds, gained as investors seek for safe havens amid coronavirus concerns. The World Health Organization said that cases of infected people who haven’t been to China might be the start of something bigger. Coronavirus death toll is already at 1,016 in mainland China. Meanwhile, the […]

Apple’s iPhone maker Foxconn reopens China plants amid virus outbreak

Apple’s iPhone maker Foxconn reopens China plants amid virus outbreak Apple Inc’s main iPhone maker Foxconn was given the signal to reopen two of its major plants in China despite the severe situation of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. According to sources, Apple Inc aims to resume production even though only 10% of its […]

Ford changes management amid earnings struggle, appoints new COO

Three days after posting dismaying profit figures and earnings outlook, Ford replaces Joe Hinrichs, appointing Jim Farley as the new chief operating officer. Joe Hinrichs, who came from General Motors, served Ford for 19 years.  He was the president of new businesses, technology, and strategy department before getting appointed as the COO. “Jim Farley is […]

Dollar peaks on strong US jobs stats and global virus concerns

SINGAPORE- The dollar clocked in gains on Monday after positive jobs statistics indicated that US economy is strengthening. In line with this, weeks-long concerns of coronavirus contagion kept trade-exposed currencies neutral. Figures released on Friday disclosed that US jobs growth increased last month, completely surpassing previous forecasts, with laudable progress and growth in construction sector- […]

Toyota suspends production at China plants amid virus outbreak

Toyota suspends production at China plants amid virus outbreak Toyota Motor Corp on Friday said that it would be suspending its production plants located in China as the spread of the coronavirus throughout the country continues to pick up pace. The automaker said that it may resume production after Sunday, February 16. However, it said […]

Bank of Canada says virus outbreak could worsen already shaky Canadian, global economy

The 2019 coronavirus outbreak has interrupted economic activities and production on a global scale after infecting thousands of people in China. A continued interruption of supply chains even might cost a lot of problems to the economy of Canada and the rest of the world, according to an official of A Canadian bank on Wednesday. […]

Dollar holds against the Yen amid growing virus risks

Dollar holds against the Yen amid growing virus risks The U.S. Dollar held its ground against the Japanese Yen on Wednesday amid the ever-growing risks of the coronavirus heavily impacting the global growth of the economy. The Yen had seen its worst session in a near six months while the Dow Jones stock index ended […]

Reserve Bank of Australia keeps rate unchanged, sustains outlook level despite plagues

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept its cash rate unchanged after holding its first meeting of 2020 on Tuesday. It also remained optimistic despite the ongoing plagues experienced locally and worldwide in bushfires and virus outbreak, seeing great possibilities of monetary easing. The central bank of Australia was seen cutting its rate thrice in […]

Piling virus concerns drive oil markets into bearish territory, OPEC+ calls urgent meeting

Piling virus concerns drive oil markets into bearish territory, OPEC+ calls urgent meeting Oil prices fell at nearly $50 a barrel as concerns on the coronavirus drove it into a bearish market. On Tuesday, OPEC called for an urgent meeting with its allies in order to measure the impact of the virus on global demand. […]

Yuan and Aussie Dollar readies itself for vulnerability ahead of China market re-opening

Yuan and Aussie Dollar readies itself for vulnerability ahead of China market re-opening The China’s Yuan and its proxy, the Australian Dollar had readied itself for a vulnerable trading day on Monday as global authorities employed drastic steps to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Many had focused on how China’s financial markets would manage […]

Oil continues decline as virus outbreak hits China demand

Oil prices continued losses due to lower demand in China in the face of the virus outbreak. China is the world’s largest oil importer. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent crude slid for the fourth straight week after international airlines canceled flights to China. Supply chains in China have also been disrupted, causing its […]

China trade agency to aid firms by issuing force majeure certificates due to coronavirus spread

Amid the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in China, a Chinese international trade promotion agency offered help to companies who are struggling to cope with their business partners abroad by issuing them force majeure certificates. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) announced its offer on Thursday along with the updated death […]

Asian stocks fall to 7-week low as China virus fears dampen demand

Asian stocks fall to 7-week low as China virus fears dampen demand Asian stocks and currencies performed poorly on Thursday as the death toll from the China virus rose. Confirmed cases across the around the world also dampened demands. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday acknowledged on Wednesday the risks of the virus’ impact […]

CalTech wins $1.1 billion patent case against Apple, Broadcom

The California Institute of Technology (CalTech) won $1.1 billion jury verdict patent case against Apple and Broadcom. The case was filed in 2016 in the federal court of Los Angeles. CalTech alleged Broadcom from infringing patents linked to data transmission technology and used it in their wi-fi chips that were sold to Apple. “While we […]

Oil suffers as virus death rate increases, US stocks soar

TOKYO- Oil prices sunk down on Thursday as the growing statistics of coronavirus victim reached 170 and more airlines canceled operations to China’s major cities. Market inactivity was dragged down further due to advancing US crude inventories. Brent crude LCOc1 lost 35 cents, or equivalent to 0.6%, at $59.46 per barrel by 0225 GMT. Such […]

Yen earns, yuan slides as coronavirus fears spread amid increasing death toll

The Japanese yen soared and the Chinese yuan slipped in offshore trade as death toll on the new coronavirus outbreak in China rose to 80. Global worries echo on containing the virus while governments prioritize risk aversion. The yen peaked at its highest in three weeks against the dollar, as investors seek the “safe haven” […]

Coronavirus to hit Singapore economy, trade minister says

Singapore’s economy will be badly hit by the spreading new Coronavirus which started in China at the end of 2019 and has spread to the city-state, said the trade minister on Monday. Considered as of the Southeast Asian go-to destination of travelers worldwide, Singapore tallied its lowest growth rate in 10 years last year at […]

Oil prices flat as coronavirus threat drags

Oil prices were stable on Friday but are expected to sink lower with an estimated 5% loss for the week. Such was brought by emerging concern that fuel demand may weaken as the coronavirus that originated from Wuhan City of China that has resulted to death of 25, may impact travel and drag the economy. […]

Malaysia to purchase more sugar from India to resolve dispute

Malaysia’s leading sugar producer disclosed its plan of purchasing higher volume of sugar from India, with sources saying that the scheme is an attempt to resolve its ongoing feud with New Delhi over palm oil exports.   MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad (MSMH.KL) is set to purchase 130,000 tonnes of raw sugar from New Delhi worth […]

Yen rises, yuan sinks over China virus anxiety; Aussie gains on strong data

The Japanese Yen advanced and Chinese Yuan plummeted on Thursday, as traders remained cautious on China’s Coronavirus. The Australian Dollar recuperated from previous inactivity over strong employment statistics. The Safe-haven Yen increased by 0.2%, closing its session with two-week high record of 105.56 per dollar. Yuan underperformed as dollar recorded its strongest activity in two […]

Oil prices fall as market surplus estimate eases Libya worries

Oil prices decline on Wednesday as the International Energy Agency (IEA) predict surplus in the first half, easing concerns on the decreased Libya crude output. Brent crude declined 0.4%, or 24 cents, at $64.35 a barrel at 0309 GMT. US oil CLcl dropped 0.5%, or 29 cents, at $58.09 a barrel. Fatih Birol, head of […]

China stocks slip as virus outbreak raises trader concerns

China stocks slip as virus outbreak raises trader concerns Asian stock markets rebounded on Wednesday as China’s response to a virus outbreak fanned fears of a global pandemic. Shanghai shares dipped amid worries that impact would dampen domestic demand and tourism. Fears of contagion, especially as millions of people travel abroad for the Lunar New […]

Yuan, Aussie dollar suffer from coronavirus concerns

TOKYO- The yuan sunk down and Australian dollar recorded a six consecutive weeks of decline on Wednesday as investors grew wary that the new strain of virus in China would lead to a slower economy. The coronavirus has already reached Beijing and Shanghai as the number of patients diagnosed with such continues to bloat. The […]

Dollar softens as Beijing and Washington sign Phase 1 trade deal

Dollar softens as Beijing and Washington sign Phase 1 trade deal The U.S. Dollar stood its ground to the riskier Asian currencies on Thursday as a signed Phase 1 trade deal between Beijing and Washington showed optimism for investors. The centerpiece of the deal was a pledge by China to purchase at least an additional […]

China rare earth exports recover as Lunar New Year nears

Rare earth exports from China recovered from a four-and-a-half-year low in December, as buyers increased purchases more than a week before the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. But yearly shipments declined to the lowest in four years as rare earth exports were hit by weakened global manufacturing demand. Rare earths, or the group of 17 […]

Uniqlo’s operator trims earnings outlook by 11%

Uniqlo’s operator trims earnings outlook by 11% Japan’s fashion retail giant, Fast Retailing Co., otherwise known as Uniqlo’s operator said that it would lower its full-year outlook on earnings by 11%. The company’s shares dropped 3.12% in Tokyo on Friday morning following the news. Fast Retailing Co.’s overseas sales were hurt by the ongoing civil […]

Facebook feeds minor changes in ad policy ahead of US elections in Nov.

Facebook announced on Thursday minor changes to its ad policy to address political ads that will be popping up on users’ news feeds as soon as the campaign period goes full blast for the US Presidential elections in November this year. The social media giant made minor adjustments to its existing ad policies to address […]

Tesla’s market cap outvalues GM and Ford combined

Tesla’s stock climbed by almost 5% on Wednesday, with a closing price of a record high $492.14 per share, raising its market capitalization to nearly $89 billion, which is $2 billion bigger than General Motors’ and Ford’s market caps combined. General Motors’ market capitalization is currently at $50 billion, while Ford’s is at $37 billion. […]

Safe haven currencies retreat following easing U.S.-Iran tensions

Safe haven currencies retreat following easing U.S.-Iran tensions The Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc retreated on Thursday as the United States and Iran backed away from further conflict. U.S. President Donald Trump responded overnight to an Iranian attack on U.S. forces with sanctions, not violence. Iran showed no imminent signals that it would retaliate further […]

Facebook’s Libra has failed in its current form; Swiss president

Facebook’s Libra has failed in its current form; Swiss president Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, the Libra has failed in its current form and would need revisions in order for it to be approved, according to Switzerland’s president and finance minister Ueli Maurer. Switzerland is currently where Libra is seeking regulatory consent. “I don’t think (Libra, in […]

Thailand annual headline inflation rate escalates swiftly to 0.9%

Reuter’s poll on Friday revealed Thailand’s swift escalation of its annual headline inflation rate for the month of December. However, the rate is still below the central bank’s target for the seventh consecutive month. The headline consumer price index (CPI) is predict5ed to go up by 0.9% in December from the previous year after a […]

Trade optimism supports dollar vs. yen, Australian dollar hikes up

SYDNEY-The dollar inched closer to its six-month high against the Japanese yen as the Australian dollar hit its strongest session since July last Friday, brought heavily by upbeat signals about Sino-US trade deal.                 Positive headlines about the possibility of trade signing decreased demand for safe-haven currencies such as yen. However, with holiday season still […]

South Korean exports struggle but demands from China bring hopes

SEOUL- South Korean exports recorded weak data in the first 20 days of December but strong demands from China and firm chip prices indicated that year-long loss may come to conclusion soon.                 Exports of Asia’s fourth biggest economy declined 2.0% from December 1 to 20, according to customs records disclosed on Monday. Such was […]

Thailand’s November exports fall 7.39% year-on-year

Thailand’s November exports fall 7.39% year-on-year Thailand’s duty-free exports in November fell 7.39% from a year earlier after it had fell 4.54% in the previous month, according to the commerce ministry on Monday. Shipments to China roose 2.3% in November from a year earlier while shipments to the United States dropped 2.6%. November imports contracted […]

Nike quarterly revenue surges, North America sales hit lower-than-expected

Nike Inc.’s quarterly revenue and profit figures went beyond Wall Street expectations on Thursday capped by surging sales in China. However, the leading footwear’s sales in North America are a letdown as it hit lower-than-expected figures to overshadow the beat. Nike continues to struggle in North America as it faces tough competition from other brands […]

Amazon to deliver billions of packages through growing network in 2019

Amazon is set to deliver its customer packages of up to 3.5 billion through its own in-house delivery network this year. Amazon has long been regarded as a long-term threat to United Parcel Service Inc (UPS) and FedEx Corp due to its growing network of delivery trucks, vans, and planes. FedEx has ended its relationship […]

Daimler to settle $20 million civil penalty over vehicle recalls in the US

Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz USA has agreed to settle the $20 million civil penalty for vehicle recalls in the US. The government investigation on the 1.4 million recalled vehicles lasted for almost a year. The German automaker will pay $13 million and another $7 million if the company does not abide by the agreement, as stated […]

Argentina’s recent legislation raises taxes on farm exports, foreign assets

BUENOS AIRES-Argentina’s government is set to impose higher taxes on agricultural goods and on abroad-based foreign assets, the economy minister disclosed on Tuesday. The government is set to implement higher export taxes on corn and wheat from 12% to 15%, Economy Minister Martin Guzman said. The “social Solidarity and Production Reactivation” plan will also hike […]

Johnson reinforces UK law to expedite trade deal with EU in 2020

After winning a majority vote in the election on Thursday, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use his control of parliament to overpower extension schemes of the Brexit transition period beyond 2020. “Our manifesto made clear that we will not extend the implementation period and the new Withdrawal Agreement Bill will legally prohibit government agreeing […]

China’s industrial output and retail sales for November exceed expectations

BEIJING- China’s industrial output and retail sales growth for November recorded a far better results than what was initially forecasted, indicating that the economy is stronger as Beijing seeks to support domestic demand despite the months-long trade truce with the United States. Industrial production advanced 6.2% year-on-year in November as disclosed by records from National […]

Asian shares boost as phase one trade deal relieves market anxiety

SHANGHAI-Asian shares recorded a well-ended performance on Monday over fresh news on Sino-U.S. trade agreement. However, investors remain cautious on lurking skepticism about the deal and diplomatic relations of China and the United States. Though there are some necessary revisions, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lightizer said that the pact was “totally done” and was expected […]

Argentina hikes export taxes in attempts to finance new government’s spending

Argentina hikes export taxes in attempts to finance new government’s spending Argentina raised export taxes over processed soybean meal and oil on Saturday as its government attempted to fund spending under new President Alberto Fernandez. After this year’s 37% slump in the Peso, his administration has replaced a levy of 4 Pesos per Dollar for […]

Ping An Insurance’s OneConnect downsizes planned IPO by 28%

Ping An Insurance’s OneConnect downsizes planned IPO by 28% OneConnect Financial Technology, a unit of China’s biggest insurer Ping An Insurance, downsized its upcoming IPO in the U.S. by 28%. The firm set a price range of $9 to $10 per share, down from the previous $12 to $14 per share range. It also downsized […]

U.S. reportedly planning to delay China tariffs

U.S. reportedly planning to delay China tariffs The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the U.S. was planning to delay its imposing of 15% tariffs (about $160 billion) in Chinese goods that would take effect on December 15. However, following the reort, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said that the December 15 tariffs […]

Gold: In a sideways channel

In the charts of late, Gold is seen trading in a sideways manner. The precious metal’s value is around $1,461 per Oz in Asia. The trendlines connecting Nov. 12 and Nov. 26 lows and Nov. 20 and Dec. 4 highs attest to the reading. Should there be a confirmation of a channel breakdown, a resumption […]

GBP/USD promising with multi-month highs; Conservatives victory in the cards

Around 1.3150, the GBP/USD stands mildly bid. This is ahead of the London open. April saw its surge, but with the Conservatives in the lead for the upcoming December elections, the upside was capped. This had led analysts to look hard into U.K. growth and industrial figures. In the figures, it is apparent that the […]

Westpac refunds $46 million to shareholders, faces money laundering scandal

Westpac Banking Corp refunded A$68 million ($46.14 million) to shareholders who wanted to withdraw their shares on a purchase plan after the bank faced a lawsuit accusing it of laundering millions. Westpac, Australia’s second biggest lender, offered refunds to people who bought new shares under the plan even before the lawsuit was filed. Investors have […]

Indonesia’s October retail sales accelerates at fastest pace in five months

Indonesia’s October retail sales accelerates at fastest pace in five months Growth in Indonesia’s retail sales accelerated to 3.6% in October from a year earlier, the fastest pace in five months which picked up strength from its September growth of 0.7% according to a central bank survey on Tuesday. Growth was mainly driven by increased […]

Oil prices drop due to trade war, demand concerns rake in market anxiety

SINGAPORE-Oil prices underperformed on Tuesday for two consecutive sessions as global demand outlook pressed against OPEC’s arrangement with producers aimed at increasing crude output cuts in 2020. At 0204 GMT, brent futures dropped 11 cents, equivalent to 0.2% loss at $64.14 per barrel while West Texas Intermediate oil futures dropped 7 cents, or 0.1% to […]

Britain’s Tesco plans on exiting from Asian markets

LONDON-Britain’s biggest retailer, Tesco (TSCO.L) has signaled serious withdrawal from its large global objective by initiating assessment on remaining Asian businesses which could bring Thai and Malaysian operations up for sale. In line with the firm’s 100th anniversary, Tesco is also five years deep in UK-focused action plan initiated by Chief Executive Dave Lewis designed […]

Wall Street gains boost Asian shares up but China concerns cap earnings

SYDNEY-Majority of Asian stocks hiked up on Monday from Wall Street’s well-ended performance after strong US jobs data. However, regional shares were restricted due to pressing issues of China’s economic slowdown brought by months-long Sino-US trade truce. Japan’s benchmark Nikkei .N225 acquired 0.4% while MSCI’s largest Asia Pacific index shares .MIAPJ0000PUS earned 0.3%, with Australian […]

Oil prices lower as crude inventories build higher than expected

Oil prices lower as crude inventories build higher than expected Oil prices traded lower on Thursday in Asia after data showed a higher-than-expected build in crude inventories. U.S. Crude Oil WTI Futures fell 0.3% to $58.23 by 11:54 PM ET (03:54 GMT). International Brent Oil Futures slipped 0.1% to $62.94. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) […]

Australian shares suffer from dwindling trade optimism

Dec 4- Australian shares continued its negative performance on Wednesday as reemergence of previous concerns about global trade inflict Wall Street stocks and dragged mining and financial sectors down. Market sentiment on Sino-US trade pact dimmed as US President Donald Trump suggested that the deal was far from getting signed as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross […]

Asian stocks fall as Trump’s new tariffs rekindle trade tensions

Asian stocks fall as Trump’s new tariffs rekindle trade tensions Asian shares fell on Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump stunned markets by imposing new tariffs on products imported from Brazil and Argentina, rekindling fears over global trade tensions. China’s blue-chip CSI300 index fell as much as 0.62% before clawing back to register small gains. […]

Hong Kong expects unrest to cost 2 percentage points for GDP growth

Hong Kong expects unrest to cost 2 percentage points for GDP growth Hong Kong is expected to record its first budget deficit since 2004 due to unrest within the city. The economy is expected to cost up to 2 percentage points of output growth according to Financial Secretary Paul Chan. The expected deficit for the […]


TOKYO-Japanese shares made minimum gains on Friday and were posed to approach its third month of earnings.  In line, investors hoped that the recent US legislation supporting Hong Kong protesters would not prevent US-China trade deal from getting signed. Benchmark Nikkei moved minimally at 23,408. 04 in latter part of the morning trade but set […]

SBI sets to increase IPO up to an estimated $1.25 Billion

MUMBAI- SBI Cards and Payment Services, credit card subsidiary of State Bank of India and India’s top lender, submitted draft on Wednesday complete with proposed initial public offering (IPO) with market regulator and stock exchanges. The company is set to release 5 billion worth of new shares as it also plans to offer up to […]

Oil falls after record production swells U.S. inventory

Oil falls after record production swells U.S. inventory Oil prices fell on Thursday after official U.S. crude and gasoline stocks rose against expectations as production hit a record thus extending losses from previous sessions. Brent crude futures were down 0.3% or 18 cents to $63.88 a barrel by 0517 GMT, dropping down 0.3% on Wednesday. […]

HSBC sees double-digit growth in asset and revenue in Asia

HSBC Holdings PLC’s private banking business is actively pursuing a double-digit growth in revenue and client assets, as it riffs off a sudden rise in Asian wealth, according to the unit’s chief executive. Chief Executive Antonio Simoes said that HSBC aims to increase its physical presence in China. The world’s second-largest economy is known to […]

Asian stocks bolstered by fresh trade talk momentum

Asian stocks bolstered by fresh trade talk momentum Asian stocks rose on Tuesday, bolstered by Wall Street’s record closing highs and signs of new momentum in Beijing’s and Washington’s efforts to end their long and acrimonious trade dispute. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan (MIAPJ0000PUS) rose 0.5% to a one-week high. Australian shares […]

Bankrupt Philadelphia refiner seeks $2.5 million for second round of executive bonuses

Philadelphia Energy Solutions Inc. oil refiner is seeking at least $2.5 million to give as bonus payments to its top executives as part of plan in reorganizing or selling the company after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. US bankruptcy court filings show that PES executives were already paid almost $4.5 million in retention awards […]

China to issue U.S. Dollar bonds on Tuesday

BEIJING- China will start issuing overseas dollar sovereign bonds on Tuesday and the expected size will surpass the $3 billion record last 2018, Chinese finance ministry official stated. “The size of issuance will surpass that of previous years,” according to the official. Chinese Finance ministry is yet to disclose further details about the implementation which […]

France’s 5G spectrum set to be sold at minimum price of 2.17 billion euros

France’s 5G spectrum is set to be sold at a floor price of 2.17 billion euros ($2.4 billion), which is significantly bigger than the amount formerly suggested by Arcep, France’s telecoms regulator. Arcep’s president Sébastien Soriano, who has been leery of large investments to fund the deployment of the new mobile technology, said that the […]

China, HK stocks rally on trade optimism

SHANGHAI- Hong Kong stocks recovered from weeks of underperformance following elections. Rekindled hopes over the possibility of US and China signing the deal soon heavily contributed to the said hike.   The Hang Seng index acquired 1.8% gains to 27,062.53 points while Hong Kong China Enterprises Index rose with 1.5% to 10,661.04. US President Donald Trump […]

U.S. to resume Chinese chicken exports following approval for processing plants

U.S. to resume Chinese chicken exports following approval for processing plants The U.S. moved closer to resuming lucrativce chicken exports to China after more than a hundred American processing plants were given approval to ship to the Asian nation. China authorized poultry imports from 172 facilities in the U.S. effective Friday, according to a notice […]

KKR raises first $1.5 billion for Asia infrastructure fund

Global private equity group KKR & Co has raised almost $1.5 billion, 50% of its $3 billion target on its first Asia-focused infrastructure fund, according to a source knowledgeable with the matter. KKR launched its fundraising this year but began targeting Asia’s infrastructure sector one year ago. The source asked not to be identified as […]

Japanese stocks soar amid wary optimism on trade talks

TOKYO, Nov 22- Japanese shares inched higher on Friday as the possibility of United States and China sealing a trade deal reduced risk appetite. Nikkei index gained 0.61% to 23, 178.77 at exactly 0150 GMT. The rise was heavily brought by earnings of IT and industrial equipment sectors. China and the United States were still […]

Japan Factory Output hits seventh-month downturn, hurts economy

The factory production of Japan in November remained below the 50.0 level and marked its 7th consecutive decline on a monthly basis. Policymakers are now faced with a challenge to stir economic activity which continues to be at a slow pace this year. The Jibun Bank Flash Japan Manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) posted 48.6 […]

Former JPMorgan trader found guilty of rigging currency trades

A former forex (foreign exchange) trader of JPMorgan Chase & Co was found guilty of conspiracy and rigging trades for personal benefit. Court records showed that ex-trader Akshay Aiyer was convicted of one count of conspiracy and is scheduled to be sentenced on April 3 in Manhattan. “This conviction serves as a reminder of our […]

Sino-Trade anxiety presses European shares down

Nov. 20- European shares hit low point on Wednesday as trade-sensitive sectors suffered from US President Donald Trump’s latest statement of imposing higher tariffs on Chinese good if trade pact signing ambiguity continued. Trade-dependent shares of Germany and France sunk down with 0.7% loss by 0819 GMT topping the decliner board among major regional indexes. […]

Union raises funds to assist U.S. diplomats pay legal bills for testimony against Trump

The Union of U.S. diplomat representatives has raised money amounting to tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the legal costs of the testimonies of foreign service officers in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) issued a statement in defense of the U.S. diplomats against Trump’s criticism […]


TOKYO-Japanese stock benchmark Nikkei underperformed on Tuesday brought heavily by ambiguity in US-China trade negotiations and exporters’ anxiety from yen’s performance against dollar.   The Nikkei share plunged down with 0.2% to 23,361.35 as broader Topix dropped with 0.1% to 1,698.44. Wall Street’s primary indexes started flat-lined from lack of trade direction. However, it managed […]

Boris Johnson puts corporate tax cut on hold, primes health advocacy to woo voters

Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson bared on Monday he was putting on hold corporate tax cuts and told voters he would spend for health plans. This move is in light of the Dec. 12 election to woo voters by saying that he would reverse cuts to many public services in the last ten years […]

SoftBank to merge Yahoo Japan with Line Corp in plan to create $30 billion tech giant

Japan’s SoftBank Corp is set to merge its internet unit Yahoo Japan with messaging app operator Line Corp in a plan to create a $30 billion tech giant. SoftBank is currently merging with struggling companies to stick up to other tech rivals, such as Rakuten Inc. A statement was issued saying that Yahoo Japan (recently […]

Boris Johnson vows to end Brexit uncertainty

Boris Johnson and the rest of the Conservative Party of the British government are poised to get Brexit done to finally end its uncertainty that compromised the economy. This shall be made possible once they get re-elected in December. The election in Dec. 12 was called in a bid to halt three years of disagreement […]


European shares recorded a weak ended session as warnings from German carmaker Daimler and frail economic data from major economies contributed tension to a global slowdown concern. The pan-European STOXX 600 index inched lower with 0.3% with most sectors contributing to the inactivity and automakers .SXAP leading the decline with 1.4%. Daimler (Daign.DE) plummeted with […]

Central Bank of China adds 200 billion yuan to beef up liquidity, retains interest rates

The Chinese central bank supplied 200 Billion Yuan ($28.60 bBillion) through its medium-term lending facility on Friday. It is the central bank’s move to (second time this year) beef up economic activity while keeping interest rates at its current levels. The markets were surprised to the bank’s move to add long-term funds as it had […]


LONDON-Britain warned that European citizens who fail to apply for Brexit’s new immigration status before deadline will be deported. In line with this, citizens who met listed exemptions will qualify for leniency. The government was reported to have already drafted a closed list of exemptions including physical and mental disability and children whose parents did […]

Hong Kong braces for more skirmishes as protesters paralyze the city

Hong Kong prepared for more tumults on Wednesday as the mass protests continue to spread violence around the city-state, paralyzing some transport links, schools, and businesses. Demonstrators scuffled with the police through the night at university campuses and other locations hours after a senior police officer said Hong Kong had been at the edge of […]

Toshiba reports highest profit in over two years

Toshiba Corp reported its second quarter profit, the company’s highest profit in over two years. The company is set to buy out three of its subsidiaries as it moves forward from a management crisis and accounting scandals. Toshiba reported an operating profit of 44.23 billion yen ($405.41 million) for the second quarter that ended in […]


LONDON-European bonds plummeted on Tuesday on expectations that US President Donald Trump will yet again hold his decision on whether to implement tariffs on European autos. This dampened investors’ appetite regarding government debt. Trump is expected to give key note discussion regarding US trade policy at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday. In […]

China’s auto industry shifts focus to rural car sales

China’s auto industry shifts focus to rural car sales China’s auto industry executives met with government officials over the weekend in order to seek ways to promote higher car sales in rural areas, according to sources familiar with the matter. The country’s car manufacturing has been facing pressures of falling sales in the world’s largest […]


European shares began its session with weak footing last Friday compromising its performance throughout the week. This followed after US-China trade pact uncertainty left investors doubtful over the possibility of the said trade pact signing.                 The pan-European STOXX 600 index suffered with 0.4% at 0807 GMT but is expected to finish its fifth straight […]

Vietnam to inspect Chinese smartphones for disputed maps

Vietnam to inspect Chinese smartphones for disputed maps Vietnam will inspect all smartphones imported from China which includes Huawei and Xiaomi models according to the Tuoi Tre newspaper reports that cite Ngyuen Hung Anh, head of Vietnam Customs’ anti-smuggling and investigation department. Vietnam will check the phones to see whether its pre-installed navigation apps are […]


NOV. 7- European shares hit four-year high last Thursday following China’s statement that Beijing and Washington will pull out tariff implementation in different phases. Both countries must pull out the implementation of tariffs on each other’s goods in order to come up with the possibility of “phase one” trade pact, said Gao Feng, spokesman of […]

SoftBank reports $8.9 billion loss in second quarter due to Vision Fund

SoftBank reports $8.9 billion loss in second quarter due to Vision Fund Softbank Group Corp reported its second quarter profits, detailing a loss of 970 Billion Yen ($8.9 billion) on Vision Fund due to falling valuations of top tech bets like Uber and WeWork. The accounted loss is reported to be Softbank’s first quarterly loss […]

Chinese official says breakthroughs made in Asia trade talks

Chinese official says breakthroughs made in Asia trade talks A Chinese official on Monday said that breakthroughs had been made in negotiations for an Asian-wide pact that is said to be the world’s biggest trade deal. However, consultations with India are still under way, he said. The details of the deal will be announced later […]

Review supports U.K.’s plan to raise minimum wage

An independent review posted on Monday is backing up Britain’s plan to raise the minimum wage to two-thirds of median earnings. The raise moves the wage to 10.50 pounds or $13.58 per hour. Finance Minister Sajid Javid said in September he would raise the National Living Wage (NLW) to the new target by 2024 and […]

GBP/USD bid ahead of U.K. PMI; Tory leadership in the cards

As a Tory leadership may well be in the cards after the Brexit elections on December 12, the GBP/USD is seen to hold on to recovery gains as it takes the bids to 1.2940 before this week’s London open. Opinion polls agree that Tory Leader Boris Johnson is on the lead over the Opposition Party […]

Amazon shares fall 7%, forecasts below expectation

Amazon shares fall 7%, forecasts below expectation Amazon.com Inc’s forecast revenue and profit for the holiday quarter was below expectations as it faced fierce competition and rising costs from plans to speed up global delivery times. Shares fell 7% as revenue growth for the company’s lucrative cloud computing business slowed down in the third quarter. […]

German car parts supplier Brose to cut 2,000 jobs as auto sector struggles

German car parts supplier Brose to cut 2,000 jobs as auto sector struggles German autos supplier Brose Group said on Thursday that it was cutting over 2,000 jobs in Germany in the coming years due to a slump in earnings. The car parts supplier blamed it on a declining Chinese market, changes in the car […]

Money markets slash rate cut expectations after EU and Britain seal Brexit deal

Money markets slash rate cut expectations after EU and Britain seal Brexit deal Money markets further scaled back expectations for interest rate cuts from European Central Bank of England after Brussels and London announced that they had agreed a new Brexit deal. Eurozone money markets have now priced out a 10 bps rate cut at […]

Analysts see Trump’s hailing of $50 billion in Chinese farm purchases as “meaningless”

Analysts see Trump’s hailing of $50 billion in Chinese farm purchases as “meaningless” China is still distant from buying $50 billion worth of agricultural goods from the United States according to analysts from the industry. They cautioned that this could only pull through if substantial technical and political hurdles have been removed. As part of […]

China’s September exports expected to drop by 3%

China’s September exports expected to drop by 3% China’s exports fell at a slightly faster pace in September as reducing global demands and U.S. tariffs intensified. Meanwhile, imports shrank for a fifth month straight, suggesting that pressure on the economy has been increasing. As more U.S. tariff measures against China are set to take effect […]

Bank of England sets out rules of engagement for Facebook’s Libra

Bank of England sets out rules of engagement for Facebook’s Libra The Bank of England (BoE) had set out rules of engagement that Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra and other digital payment providers would meet before they can operate in Britain. The BoE’s Financial Policy Committee added that Britain’s banks along with its financial system were fully […]

The U.S. to apply 25% tariffs on Scotch whiskey, Italian cheese, and French wine

The U.S. to apply 25% tariffs on Scotch whiskey, Italian cheese, and French wine The Trump administration had slapped 25% tariffs on French wine, Italian cheese, and single-malt Scotch whiskey exports in retaliation for EU subsidies on large aircraft. However, they spared Italian wine, pasta, and olive oil. The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office released a […]

Metro Bank founder quits amid fallout from accounting error

Metro Bank founder quits amid fallout from an accounting error Metro Bank shares jumped more than a quarter on Wednesday after its founder and chairman, Vernon Hill, quit following the wake of a significant accounting error that misclassified almost £900 million worth of loans. According to Metro, Hill would quit the group by December 31 […]

Chip stocks propel gains in Europe

Chip stocks propel gains in Europe European shares gained on Tuesday as Apple suppliers held the lead following reports of strong iPhone sales. Semiconductor makers jumped into the spotlight with AMS, Dialog, and STMicro posting gains in early trading, pushing the technology sector higher by 1%. Apple Inc’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook told a […]

Visa and Mastercard Inc to reconsider backing Facebook’s Libra

Visa and Mastercard Inc to reconsider backing Facebook’s Libra Visa (V.N), Mastercard Inc (MA.N), and other key financial partners may reconsider their involvement in Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) Libra. Initially, the financial backers to the cryptocurrency did not want to attract regulatory scrutiny and declined Facebook’s request to publicly support the project. Policy executives from the […]

WeWork to withdraw ill-fated IPO

WeWork to withdraw ill-fated IPO WeWork’s parent company, The We Company, filed to withdraw its initial public offering a week after the SoftBank-backed startup ousted its founder Adam Neumann as its chief executive officer. The withdrawal of its IPO marks the end of the New York-based company’s pursuit of a near-term listing. It allows Neumann’s […]

Asian Shares slips as U.S.-China Trade Talks continue

Asian Shares slips as U.S.-China Trade Talks continue Asian share markets slipped on Monday as investors waited for more clarity on U.S.-China trade talks. Market sentiment remained fragile with civil unrest in Hong Kong, tensions in the Middle East and worries that a trade deal between the United States and China could take a long […]

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