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Asian equities extends gains as COVID-19 cases slow down

Asian equity markets extended gains on Tuesday after the United States, Italy, and Spain reported a steady decline in COVID-19 cases over the weekend. South Korea’s KOSPI inched up by 0.95% at 10:23 PM ET (3:23 AM GMT) as Samsung Electronics exceeded expectations after announcing that their first-quarter profits reached near $5.2 billion. Japan’s Nikkei […]

Novel coronavirus drags India’s services sector down

India’s most advanced sector, the service sector that provides job opportunities and heavily contributes to economic growth, declined in March. Such inactivity was brought by insufficiency in export demand and new business due to the coronavirus contagion which had already caused worldwide disruptions. March records have it that the Nikkei/IHS Markit Services Purchasing Manager’s Index […]

Healthcare stocks resist bearish market

NEW YORK- Healthcare stocks ran bull as coronavirus pandemic boosted demand in the U.S. healthcare sector, home to businesses and firms necessary to combat the deadly novel coronavirus disease. Pharmaceuticals Inc gained 24% while Gilead Sciences Inc added 8%. Top advancers are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including those that endeavored to produce COVID-19 vaccines and […]

Energy stocks shore up European shares as markets scramble amid crisis

European shares gained on Thursday, caused by a bounce in energy stocks as investors pin hope on a deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia regarding their oil price war. The pan-European STOXX 600 gained 0.3%. The energy sector .SXEP hiked 4.4%, with Royal Dutch Shell, BP, and Total SA contributing to the gain. However, the […]

Asian stocks fall as economy turbulence pile on market fears

Asian stock market underperformed on Thursday as piling economic turbulence led by the coronavirus pandemic continued to batter economies and governments around the world. Australia’s ASX 200 fell by 2.29% while Japan’s Nikkei slid by 0.74% at 10:14 PM ET (3:14 AM GMT). South Korea’s KOSPI inched up by a moderate 0.74%. Hong Kong’s Hang […]

Oil prices drop as U.S. inventory build-up, OPEC rift stresses market

Global crude oil prices fell on Wednesday, following their biggest successive quarterly and monthly losses, due to a largely expected rise in U.S. supply and a heightened conflict within OPEC. Oil prices have dropped close to their lowest since 2002 as the coronavirus crisis brought the global economy to a slowdown and weakened oil demand. […]

Dollar steadies as investors brace for global economic contraction

The dollar steadied on Wednesday, supported by its safe-haven status, as the world braced one of the biggest economic contractions for decades. It gained against the yen, pound, euro, Swiss franc, New Zealand and Australian dollars as the market lost appetite for cash due to the liquidity measures imposed by the U.S. Federal Reserve. The […]

Asian shares trade in green but COVID-19 caps gains

TOKYO- Asian shares gained on Wednesday, with Australian shares heavily contributing to the upbeat market activity. However, the margin of risk for equities remains wide as the novel coronavirus contagion brings constant disruptions to the world economy. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan increased up to 0.33%. Australian shares recovered from underperformance with […]

Gold prices slip as Russia suspends bullion purchase

Gold prices slip as Russia suspends bullion purchase Gold prices fell on Wednesday morning, stretching out losses from Tuesday as speculations grew of Russia planning on moving from a major bullion purchaser to a seller. Gold Futures had slid down by 0.13% to $1,594.45 per ounce at 09:40 PM ET (2:40 AM GMT). However, the […]

U.S. and Russia agree to talks, Oil prices rebound after 18-year lows

Oil prices strongly rebounded after United States President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin finally decided to meet and talk about global energy markets on Tuesday. Oil markets have plunged to 18-year lows shortly after the coronavirus pandemic decreased fuel demands all around the world. Brent oil price LCOc1 jumped to 30 cents, at […]

Pandemic crisis to hit economic growth in Asia, China, World Bank says

Developing economies in East Asia and the Pacific, as well as China, are expected to suffer steep decline in growth due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the World Bank on Monday. The bank announced that specific growth forecasts were difficult due to the uncertainty of the situation however, it says estimates are between 2.1% […]

Ted Baker appoints Rachel Osborne as the new chief executive officer

The British luxury clothing retail company Ted Baker (TED.L) on Monday promoted Chief Financial Officer Rachel Osborne as the new Chief Executive Officer, in substitute to Lindsay Page who resigned a year ago. The British organization said that the search for a chairman administrator is advancing well and that Sharon Baylay will still lead as […]

HK Dollar outperforms the Greenback, bolstered by high loan rates and low market liquidity

The Hong Kong Dollar outperformed the U.S. Dollar, propelling it into a record gain above 0.51% for March in 16 years. The HK Dollar is perceived to climb further in the coming months as local borrowing rates are predicted to stay higher than that of the U.S. and a low interbank liquidity pool in Honk […]

Chinese industrial firms report steepest decline in profits in a decade

China’s industrial firms’ profits sank to the lowest in a decade, with mining, manufacturing, and power sectors all suffering from steep declines due to the coronavirus impact. Profits in the first two months of the year fell 38.3% year-on-year, to 410.7 billion yuan ($58.15 billion), an even steeper fall from the 6.3% decline in December […]

Asian markets operate cautiously prior to US stimulus, jobs data

SINGAPORE- Asian share markets started regular sessions in an anxious tone on Thursday after advancing for two consecutive days.  Such performance was observed as investors await for the implementation of the $2 trillion stimulus package in the U.S. to minimize the impact of virus to the global economy. Japanese benchmark index Nikkei lost 2.2% while […]

Worldwide smartphone sales drop 14% in February due to COVID-19 contagion

SHANGHAI- A sharp 14% drop in smartphone sales was monitored last February as the novel coronavirus continues to reach larger scale, according to Counterpoint Research on Thursday. Such may be the start of other market declines as the virus spreads across the globe.  The fast-paced coronavirus contagion urged Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and other mobile phone […]

$2 trillion fiscal stimulus drives dollar lower

The dollar slid for the third straight day on Wednesday as the US’ proposed fiscal stimulus package eased markets driven by demand for cash.  US senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that the $2 trillion (1.70 trillion pounds) will be voted on Wednesday. The Australian dollar rose above the 60-cent mark and extended its gains […]

Oil prices rally amid decline in crude supply

Oil prices rally amid decline in crude supply Oil prices maintained gains on Asian markets on Wednesday following the report of the American Petroleum Institute (API) on a decline in U.S. crude supply. International Brent Oil Futures went up by 3.46% to $28.09 by 10:12 PM ET (02:12 AM GMT) while U.S. Crude Oil WTI Futures […]

Gold prices maintain gains as Fed announces new measures

Gold prices continued its climb after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced on Monday new measures in a bid to shore up an economy affected by the coronavirus. In the unexpected announcement, the Central Bank said that it would be buying an infinite amount of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities in order to lower borrowing costs. In […]

Gold prices recover from losses as U.S. Dollar drops from record highs

Gold prices surged up in Asian markets on Monday morning amid a weakening U.S. Dollar, recovering the yellow metal from a streak of losses last week. Gold Futures had momentarily surpassed the $1,500 mark with an opening of $1,506.15 per ounce before it settled at $1,490.45 by 9:22 PM ET (1:22 GMT). Gold has once […]

Peru reduces interest rate to ease COVID-19 impact

Peru’s central bank decided to reduce 1.25% interest rate on Thursday from the initial 2.25%. Such scheme was aimed at relieving Peru’s economy from the drag brought by the novel coronavirus contagion. The said reduction immediately followed after reports disclosed the very first death from the coronavirus. Statistics continued to bloat with additional 89 cases […]

US crude gains after White House says plans to intervene Saudi-Russia dispute

U.S. crude oil prices climbed on Friday, stretching its gains after the 24% rise on Thursday after President Donald Trump said that he might step in the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. U.S. crude and global benchmark Brent crashed 40% in the last two weeks since the production cut agreed by the OPEC+ […]

Gold drops out of its $1,600 support as investors sell to cover losses

Gold fell off its key $1,600 gain on Thursday after investors had sold off their positions in the precious metal in a panicked rush to save themselves from losses on Wall Street.   Gold Futures in New York’s COMEX fell by 3.2% ($52.10) at $1,589.30 an ounce. In a session, intraday prices fell by a […]

Dollar continues its climb as panic grows over piling virus fears

The U.S. Dollar continued to climb against most major currencies on Thursday as a virus-driven impact on market volatility and tensing liquidity sent investors retreating to cash. The British Pound, against the Greenback drifted near its lowest since 1985. Meanwhile, the Aussie slumped to 17-year low and the Kiwi plummeted to an 11-year low as […]

U.S. Fed rolls out third emergency program to ensure liquidity in money market mutual funds

U.S. Fed rolls out third emergency program to ensure liquidity in money market mutual funds The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced its third emergency fiscal package to be introduced in two days. The credit program will offer loans to banks that offer as collateral assets bought from money market mutual funds. The newly-established facility […]

Fed to roll out monetary easing to cushion economic damage of COVID-19

The Federal Reserve is planning to launch a massive rollout of monetary easing in the financial markets to combat the economic damage brought by the pandemic spread of the new coronavirus. Investors’ fears seemed to have deepened by this move. Market investors see the monetary easing move as an indicator of how tremendous the economic […]

Oil erases gains, LCOc1 approaches week of inactivity

TOKYO- Oil declined for three consecutive days on Friday. Such inactivity was brought by investors’ anxiety over slump in oil demand mainly from coronavirus contagion. In line, the Brent and US crude are both on track for their sharpest weekly decline.                 Brent crude LCOc1 shed 47 cents, equivalent to 1.4%, and was quoted at […]

Global shares suffer as worldwide contagion rattles stock markets

SINGAPORE- Global shares declined the sharpest on Friday, putting an end to years-long upbeat performance as novel coronavirus contagion disrupted trading activities and left investors uncovered. An estimated five-hundred billion dollars in liquidity from the US Federal Reserve and an assurance of giving more were inadequate to ease the tension that has erased $14 trillion […]

Global markets plummet as U.S. suspends travel from Europe

Global markets plummeted immediately after U.S. President Donald Trump said that the United States have suspended all travels from Europe, excluding Britain, in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus. S&P 500 futures dropped by 3% with Japan’s Nikkei and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 going lower than 4%. The report of the virus spreading […]

Stock markets drop as U.S. virus response brings about investors skepticism

Asian markets and Wall Street futures fell on Wednesday after details of Washington’s stimulus package made to combat the impact of the virus raised skepticism among investors. Wall Street futures fell by 2.2% while in Asia, the MSCI’s broadest index outside of Japan dipped down 0.29%. Australian shares fell by 2.02% with Japan’s Nikkei slipping […]

Malaysia’s Silicon Valley sees misfortune as virus outbreak disrupts China suppliers

Malaysia’s Silicon Valley sees misfortune as virus outbreak disrupts China suppliers Tech firms in Malaysia’s one-time Silicon Valley of the East saw its fortune flip after the coronavirus outbreak disrupted supply lines from China. This came after Malaysia found profitable circumstances last year when customers sought refuge after fleeing from China that was hit by […]

Japanese and European stocks plunge as Italy implements lockdown

Italy has shut down all its ports and airports, disrupting financial markets and showing how the coronavirus has affected social and economic aspects globally. Major European stock markets plunged over 7%, Japanese indexes slipped 5%, and US markets lost more than 7% after Saudi Arabia started an oil price war with Russia, causing investors to […]

Japan commodity spending falls amid coronavirus spread

Weak private spending extended to its fourth month in Japan’s struggling economy after a sales tax hike and unusually warm winter kept people from spending. Adding the recent virus outbreak, firms latch on to measures to keep business up. Japan has implemented measures to soften the impact on production and exports caused by global health […]

U.S. Congress approves $8.3 billion bill to combat coronavirus

The U.S. Senate passed an $8.3-billion bill and sent it to President Donald Trump in an effort in aiding state and local governments to fight the spreading of the coronavirus. The bill, which was initially approved on Wednesday by the House of Representatives, is now expected to be signed into law where the funding would […]

U.S. House approves $8.3 billion bill to combat virus outbreak

The U.S. House of Representatives approved an $8.3 billion bill in an effort to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus and commence the developing of vaccines. The bill, which was passed on Wednesday, will be sent for final approval to the Senate where a vote is due Thursday. The bill was overwhelming in favor, voting […]

Home prices in Hong Kong plunge for two consecutive months in January

Private home prices in Hong Kong declined for the second consecutive month in January, with a 0.2% dip as coronavirus outbreak hounds the property and real estate sector that has not fully recuperated from the previous burden brought by the mass protest in 2019. In December, home prices by 1.6% while 4.7% difference in sales […]

Oil prices drop further; sets to hit sharpest fall in four years

SINGAPORE- Oil prices recorded six consecutive days of decline, its weakest weekly performance in more than four years. Such drop was heavily brought by the fast-paced spread of the novel coronavirus which sparked concerns that the possibility of pandemic may directly affect oil demand. Investors grew wary that the continuous spread of the disease which […]

South Korea keeps rates steady despite coronavirus risks

The Central Bank of South Korea kept its rates steady and unmoved on Thursday, killing hopes for monetary easing, despite the glaring coronavirus risks as it continues to spread in the country, threatening to hurt the fourth-largest economy in Asia. The base rate of the policy board of the Bank of Korea remained at 1.25%. […]

Hong Kong banks suffer poor asset quality, loan growth due to coronavirus risks

Banks in Hong Kong are faced with two quarters of slow loan growth and declining asset quality due to the coronavirus outbreak’s impact on consumer banking. The Asian financial hub, including HSBC and Standard Chartered, are experiencing low demand for mortgages, corporate loans, and credit card usage. Hong Kong has its biggest exposure to China […]

Hong Kong announces $15.4 billion relief package to boost economy

Hong Kong announces $15.4 billion relief package to boost economy Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan announced on Wednesday a HK$120 billion ($15.4 billion) relief package in an attempt to bolster the country’s economy amid the coronavirus outbreak and civil unrest. Chan’s annual budget featured a handout of HK$ 10,000 ($1,300) to each permanent resident […]

Thailand reports worse-than-expected January factory output, down by 4.6%

Thailand reports worse-than-expected January factory output, down by 4.6% Thailand reported its manufacturing production index (MPI) for January which dropped sharply for a ninth-straight month. The country’s PMI, which slid 4.59% lower from a year earlier, was a result of a decrease in the production of automobiles, sugar, and palm oil, according to the ministry […]

Oil recuperates but lurking nCoV anxiety restricts earnings

TOKYO- Oil recovered from underperformance as investors sought safety in bargains after crude prices lost 4% in previous trading session. However, lurking fears that larger coronavirus contagion could inflict more damage to economy restricts oil activity. Brent crude added 29 cents, equivalent to 0.5%, and last stood at $56.59 per barrel by 0212 GMT. The […]

Japan assails U.S. digital tax proposal during G20

Japan, represented by Finance Minister Taro Aso, assailed the tax reform proposal presented by the United States saying that it could compromise or disable global efforts to agree on new rules in imposing taxes on huge tech firms. The finance leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies of the world are campaigning a […]

: EU leaders to lock horns over budget issues as Brexit leaves huge budget void

European Union leaders will have to figure by themselves the surfacing budget issues they now inevitably face as Britain formally left the bloc in January. The void is in the bloc’s 2021-2027 finances, with Britain plucking out a whopping 75 billion euro ($81 billion) budget from the EU. The coming seven-year budget plan covering the […]

New York Fed: U.S. shoppers suspect spending growth slowdown

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said on Tuesday that American consumers are anticipating their household spending to inflate more slowly over the next twelve months. The median forecast yielded an overall 2.3% increase for household spending among U.S. citizens over the next financial year as of December. This is relatively lower from the […]

Thailand GDP growth lower than forecast, says central bank

Thailand’s economy will grow at a slower pace than previously predicted and lower than its potential, according to the Central bank’s minutes of the meeting. The Central Bank has already cut interest rates to record low due to the increasing risks of the virus outbreak, delayed government spending, and drought. The monetary policy committee opted […]

Japanese exports, core machinery orders decline amid coronavirus risks

Japanese machinery orders fell at the fastest pace since 2018, while exports declined for its 14th straight month as Japan’s economy struggled against the impact of the recent sales tax hike and the novel coronavirus outbreak. Exports declined by 2.6% in January compared to the previous year, smaller than a 6.9% decline predicted by analysts. […]

Oil advances but nCoV economic impact restricts gains

TOKYO- Oil prices recorded a well-ended session on Wednesday. However, it remained neutral as gains were restricted by the growing damage of the coronavirus contagion which originated from China.  In line with this, a decrease in new cases was recorded in Hubei, the center of the outbreak. Brent crude LCOc1 added 6 cents and last […]

South Korea president pledges steps for virus-hit economy, rate cut expectations boosts

South Korea president pledges steps for virus-hit economy, rate cut expectations boosts South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday that the government would be making a full-scale push to soften the economic blow from the fast-spreading coronavirus. The comment increased expectations of further monetary easing. The outbreak of the virus disrupted world supply chains […]

Indonesia posts larger than expected trade deficit as declining export prices affects trade

Indonesia posts larger than expected trade deficit as declining export prices affects trade Indonesia’s trade gap widened sharply in January as falling metal prices weighed on exports. The data was posted on Monday from the country’s statistics bureau. Southeast Asia’s largest economy showed a trade deficit of $870 million in January compared to the expectations […]

Oil prices ease on weekly gain as hopes for OPEC+ emergency meeting fades

Oil prices eased after seeing its biggest weekly gain since September as hopes for an OPEC+ emergency conference on the coronavirus faded. Despite Saudi Arabia pushing for a meeting scheduled this month, OPEC+ are expected to hold the conference in March after Russia recoiled from the plan. Meanwhile China, Hong Kong, and Singapore have promised […]

Euro slips on weak economic growth, yen stable despite weak Japan GDP

The euro slipped on Monday as Europe’s economic growth weakened amid concerns raised by financial markets and policymakers on the coronavirus outbreak in China. The euro closed at $1.0817 on Friday, hitting a 33-month low. It went up $1.08385 on Monday’s early Asian trade. The German economy was stable in the fourth quarter due to […]

British consumers brace for inconvenient shopping sans clear post-Brexit trade deal

British shoppers will have to face a tougher market situation by getting relatively higher prices and reduced supply of goods if the Boris Johnson-led British government won’t be able to iron things out with the European Union on regulatory checks at ports in post-Brexit agreement, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said on Monday. The United […]

Honda to resume auto production in China plants on February 21

Honda to resume auto production in China plants on February 21 Honda Motor Co. said on Friday that it is planning to resume operations in its auto-manufacturing plant in Wuhan, China on February 21. The planned operations schedule was delayed a week ago. Honda, currently Japan’s third-largest manufacturer of automobiles and auto parts, said that […]

Stocks climb as market appetite improves over lowest reported new virus cases

Global equity markets reached new highs as China reported the lowest new cases in two weeks. Investors hope for a shift in the market as Chinese medical adviser says virus can be contained in a few months. Total confirmed cases rose to 44,653, with 2,015 new cases reported, the lowest since Jan. 30. The report […]

Oil maintains momentum as virus concerns may lead to deeper output cuts

SEOUL- Oil prices continued to advance for three consecutive days. Such upbeat activity followed after market sentiment boosted on expectations that primary oil manufacturers will implement deeper output reduction to recuperate from slump in demand brought by coronavirus contagion in China, the world’s second-biggest oil importer. Brent crude LCOc1 added 17 cents, equivalent to 0.3%, […]

Samsung revs up, introduces 5G Galaxy S20 to counter rivals Apple, Huawei

Samsung Electronics introduces its latest smartphone innovation, flaunts a foldable phone with a 5G mobile network to intensify fierce competition with mobile companies, Apple and Huawei on Tuesday. Samsung is out to maintain its status as the biggest global phone company as it introduces its latest offering, Galaxy s20, a smartphone that sports a 5G […]

China GDP growth could decline by 1% amid coronavirus spread, says government researcher

The coronavirus outbreak in China could cut the country’s economic growth by 1% in 2020, said Zeng Gang, a Chinese government think tank senior member. The vice chair of the National Institute for Finance and Development cited the 2003 SARS epidemic where China’s growth dropped by 2%, in comparison to the Wuhan virus. “At present, […]

Asian shares recover, China factories set to reoperate

SYDNEY- Asian share markets performed positively on Tuesday, following Wall Street upbeat activity.  However, concerns still lurk about China factories’ decision of reopening as the novel coronavirus contagion spreads in a larger scope and death record continues to grow. Mainland China’s coronavirus death toll hit more than 1000 cases and surpassed the 800 victims of […]

Oil advances but investors remain cautious over China virus

SINGAPORE- Oil prices clocked in more than 1% on Tuesday as previous declines urged short position investors to take profit. However, market sentiment dwindled due to novel coronavirus that is responsible for the death of more than 1,000 individuals in China. Brent crude LCOc1 inched up 1.5%, equivalent to 79 cents, and was quoted at […]

Wall Street futures slip as coronavirus death toll exceeds 900

US stock futures slipped as the coronavirus outbreak in China reported a death toll higher than the SARS epidemic. Authorities prepare measures as millions return to work after the extended Lunar New Year holidays. Investors cautiously monitor virus concerns that has impacted global economy and pushed Wall Street lower. China reported 97 new additional deaths, […]

China’s inflation rate rises following Lunar New Year and virus outbreak

China’s inflation rate rises following Lunar New Year and virus outbreak China’s consumer prices increased at is fastest pace in more than eight years in January, according to official data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Monday. The consumer price index CPI) came in at 5.4% last month on-year which went higher […]

Wall Street stands on record highs as virus’ impact concerns subside

Wall Street stands on record highs as virus’ impact concerns subside Wall Street gained record highs on Thursday as traders cast aside piling concerns on the coronavirus spreading in China. The Nasdaq Composite climbed 0.67% while the S&P 500 went up 0.33%. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 0.3%, marking all 3 major averages […]

Philippine Central Bank Governor hints mid-year monetary easing

Benjamin Diokno, the top official of the Philippine’s central bank, bared that he was considering having the next monetary easing via an interest-rate cut “sometime in the middle of the year.” “With another rate cut yesterday, we still have a   lot of monetary space,” Diokno said. On   Thursday, the central bank cut its benchmark rate […]

Oil advances after Russia supports supply reduction on virus contagion

Oil prices soared on Friday after Russia sided with a recommendation for OPEC and other oil associates to further reduce oil outputs amid dwindling demand for crude as China struggles to combat coronavirus that has impacted global markets. Brent crude futures increased 34 cents, equivalent to 0.6%, to $55.27 per barrel at exactly 0250 GMT. […]

Dollar stands strong with support from domestic data and virus optimism

Dollar stands strong with support from domestic data and virus optimism The U.S. Dollar stood strong on Thursday after gaining support from firm domestic data and an optimistic viewpoint that the coronavirus’ impact on the economy would slow down. Amid reports of the virus infecting more than 28,018 people and raising the death toll to […]

Oil maintains upward momentum amid upbeat market sentiment over China virus

Oil futures advanced on Thursday continuing its positive performance the previous day. Such activity was brought by upbeat investor sentiment over the possible advances against the virus contagion in China, expecting that this will boost fuel demand in the world’s largest oil importer. Brent futures advanced by 98 cents, equivalent to 1.8%, to $56.26 per […]

Australia central bank weighs risks to extend rate cuts

The central bank of Australia is considering to lessen monetary policy and cut interest rates if unemployment rate increased and inflation stalled. Unemployment rate decreased to 5.1% in December while inflation rose in the final quarter of 2019, showing that lowering rates was not urgent. The Reserve Bank of Australia cut its cash rate thrice […]

Tesla surges 20%, gets boost from Panasonic’s quarterly profit increase

Tesla posted its one of the largest one-day gains, up by 20% on Monday trade after getting a lift from Panasonic’s quarterly profit report. The appointment of Elon Musk as the Chief Executive Officer made significant changes in the company’s quarterly profit performance, with Tesla rallying by more than 30% in its second quarterly profit […]

China’s industry reports first profit decline in 4 years

China’s industry reports first profit decline in 4 years China’s industrial firms on Monday posted their first annual decline in profits in four years in 2019. The decline has been attributed to the country’s slowest economic growth in almost 30 years and the prolonged trade war it had with the United States. Official data showed […]

Louis Vuitton opens new restaurant and flagship store in Japan

Louis Vuitton launched its new business venture by opening its Osaka-based store in Japan, featuring a restaurant and café named Le Café V and Sugalabo V as its new flagship store. The Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji is a high-end eatery. Its menus were curated by chef Yosuke “Suga” Sugalabo, a well-known restaurant owner in […]

US stocks indexes rebound after Tuesday’s big drop

US stocks indexes rebound after Tuesday’s big drop US Stocks closed on a higher note on Wall Street Tuesday, recovering from a sharp drop in the market the day before. The rebound ended the 5-day losing streak of the Dow Jones Industrial Average which was impacted by investor concerns of the new China virus that […]

Australian employment rate outpaces forecasts, analysts throw in the towel on February rate cut

Australian employment rate outpaces forecasts, analysts throw in the towel on February rate cut Australian employment outpaced forecasts for a second month in December pushing the unemployment rate to a nine-month low – a much-needed statistic for analysts that speculated a near-term cut in interest rates. The Aussie Dollar climbed 0.47% to $0.6874 as the […]

Indonesia central bank to continue accommodative policy to boost monetary growth

Indonesia central bank to continue accommodative policy to boost monetary growth Indonesia’s central bank plans to maintain its accommodative monetary policy this year to support economic growth, said Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo on Wednesday. “All Bank Indonesia’s policy instruments are focused on keeping and strengthening the economic growth momentum,” Warjiyo told a news conference. […]

Argentina swaps $1.66 billion Treasury bills to push back debt repayment

Argentinian economy ministry said that it exchanged 99.6 billion pesos ($1.66 billion) Treasury bills in a debt swap auction to postpone its repayment schedule amid an economic crisis. The ministry conducted an auction for two new peso-denominated bills to holders of five older instruments, with which the government has near-term repayments in February adding up […]

Oil prices rise as Libya shuts down crude production

Oil prices rise as Libya shuts down crude production Oil prices soar to its highest in more than a week on Monday after Libya began halting operations on two of its major production bases through military blockades, potentially reducing national output to a fraction.   Brent crude went up by 0.5% to $65.20 after having […]

China will boost purchase of US imports according to ‘market principles’

China will push negotiations with American companies in raising US importation of goods and products with consideration to market principles, said an official with state planner. Spokesperson for the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Meng Wei said at a press con that the US has high quality supply of energy, agricultural products, financial […]

Oil price hikes as Libyan oilfields shutdown trickles production

Oil prices hiked as two major crude production in Libya shut down due to a military blockade, causing oil flow to slow down. Brent crude LCOc1 futures rose 1.25%, or 75 cents, at $65.60 by 0109 GMT, earlier rising to $66.00 a barrel, its highest since Jan. 9. West Texas Intermediate CLcl contract rose 1%, […]

China’s 2019 pork production hits 16-year low due to swine flu

BEIJING-China’s 2019 pork production sunk to 16 years of inactivity, data showed on Friday as the African swine influenza dispatched millions of pigs in world’s leading producer of pork. China tallied 42.44 million tonnes of pork last year, lower than the 21.3% record from 2018 and the lowest production for the last 16 years beginning […]

European car sales recover 21.4% in December

European car sales recovered for the fourth straight month, raised by higher demands of premium and volume cars, ACEA said. New car registrations climbed 21.4%, or 1,261,742 vehicles in the EU and EFTA countries in December, statistics showed. The rise was partially caused by a low base of comparison with December 2018, when anti-emission laws […]

Toyota to invest $394 million in air-taxi startup

Toyota to invest $394 million in air-taxi startup Japan-based Toyota Motor Corp is investing $394 million in Joby Aviation, a U.S.-based air-taxi startup. The startup has reportedly spent the last ten years designing an electric air-taxi prototype. Toyota is the lead investor in Joby’s Series C funding costing up to $590 million, according to Bloomberg. […]

China adds $58 billion into banking system as Lunar New Year draws near

China adds $58 billion into banking system as Lunar New Year draws near China added liquidity to the financial system on Wednesday in attempts to offset a money shortage ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday. Interest rates on the loans were left unchanged. The People’s Bank of China added 300 billion Yuan ($44 billion) […]

Oil inches down on concern that Sino-US trade pact may not stimulate demands

SINGAPORE-Oil prices retreated on Wednesday brought heavily by emerging concern that the ‘phase one’ of the Sino-US trade deal may not promote demands.  Such was from the decision of the US to retain rounds of tariffs on Chinese products.                 On a statement last Tuesday, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the imposed tariffs […]

China’s December exports beat forecast as trade war eases

Chinese exports climbed 7.6% in December compared to a year earlier, as shown by customs data on Tuesday. The recovery in export demands was attributed to the preliminary trade deal agreed upon by China and United States, as further de-escalation of the longstanding tariff war is expected. The recovery was the first since July 2019 […]

Oil prices sink deeper as Mideast tensions ease

TOKYO-Oil prices continued its underperformance as the possibility of war in Middle East abated and investors focused on economic growth together with increase in US crude oil and output inventories. Brent crude oil LCOc1 decreased by 20 cents, equivalent to 0.3% at $65.17 by 0240 GMT. Such is expected to hit its first setback in […]

Asian shares recover as Mideast tension alleviates, oil soars

SINGAPORE- Asian stocks bounced from inactivity on Thursday and oil prices inched higher as the United States and Iran both signaled resolution rather than to pursue further conflict. US President Donald Trump released a sanction overnight as retaliation to Iran’s recent attack against US troops. Iran remained silent and had given no indications of further […]

Oil climbs as Iran launches strike on US troops, market uneasy

Oil prices peaked in months after Iran attacked American troops on US bases in Iraq on the early hours of Wednesday. The missile attack was Iran’s response to the killing of its major general Qasem Soleimani, sparking a growing conflict and sending oil supplies into turmoil. But oil prices cooled down after the initial heat […]

Trump declares threat on Iranian cultural sites, warns of US ‘major retaliation’

U.S. President Donald Trump declared threats of attacking Iran’s cultural sites as the U.S. warns of “major retaliation” once Iran strikes back after the killing of one of its major generals, Qasem Soleimani. In Trump’s interview with reporters on Air Force One, the U.S. President raised threats of sanctions on Iraq as the Iraqi Parliament […]

Oil prices hike up on Middle East crisis and trade optimism

NEW YORK- Oil value increased on Thursday brought by emerging tensions in the Middle East and upbeat signals of US-China trade relations. However, secured dollar performance capped price earnings. Brent crude futures LCOc1 acquired 25 cents, equivalent to $66.25 per barrel while US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude CLc1 raked in 12 cents or $61.18. […]

Tim Hortons president Alex Macedo to step down next year

Tim Hortons president Alex Macedo to step down next year Alex Macedo, president of coffee and breakfast chain Tim Hortons will be stepping down from his position after two years of the role, according to Restaurant Brands International Inc (RBII) on Friday. Macedo said in a regulatory filing that he will be leaving the company […]

Amazon caps biggest holiday season sales ever

The U.S. economic growth seems to be still alive and kicking (despite major setbacks highlighted by the trade dispute against China) as Amazon posts a record-breaking holiday season sales thus far. Amazon reported its top-sellers this holiday season included the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick and Echo Show 5.  Amazon’s third-party products helped to its […]

China to trim import tariffs on some products next year

China is set to trim down import tariffs on some goods including frozen pork, avocado, and semiconductors beginning January 1, 2020, according to the finance ministry as China bids to beef up imports amid slow economic growth and a trade dispute with the United States. The temporary import tariffs are relatively lower than the most-favored-nation […]

Oil prices inch down but fast approaching Sino-US trade deal curbs losses

TOKYO- Oil was marginally lower on Monday but did not stray far from its latest three-month peak. Upbeat activity was brought by positive headlines on United States and China’s possibility of signing the trade pact soon as US President Donald Trump said that the pact would be signed “very shortly”.                 Brent crude oil declined […]

Oil prices maintain momentum, head for three-month high on trade deal progress

Oil prices retained its positive performance as it drew nearer to achieving its three-month peak on Friday with upbeat weekly rise. Such positive performance was mainly from cooling tensions between Washington and Beijing’s trade truce that previously impacted demand and dragged global economic growth. Brent futures LCOc1 clocked in 5 cents, equivalent to 0.08% to […]

Economists boost China outlook on easing trade tensions

Economists boost China outlook on easing trade tensions China’s economic growth will show at 5.9% in 2020, according to analysts and traders. The forecast comes as easing trade tensions and the prospect of lower bank borrowing costs had boosted confidence. This comes as an upgrade from the November’s forecast of 5.8%, before the U.S. and […]

Dollar rallies on Trump impeachment, Aussie follows trend on strong jobs record

SYDNEY-US greenback rode smoothly on US President Donald Trump’s impeachment headlines as Australian peer recuperated from sharp fall due to country’s unemployment percentage. The British pound GBP=D3 was pressed by reemerging issues of Brexit as it was last quoted $1.3083 after sharp turn of 2% in consecutive days. Greenback traders remained optimistic following a landslide […]

U.S. Dollar slips on Trump’s impeachment news

U.S. Dollar falls on Trump’s impeachment news The U.S. Dollar dropped on Thursday in Asia after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Republican U.S. President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The U.S. Dollar index slipped 0.1% to 96.925 by 11:30 PM ET (03:30 GMT). Trump is the third […]

Amazon boycotts FedEx as delivery method for selected Prime shipments

Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) blocked sellers from using FedEx Corp in handling Prime shipments as the company prioritized rapid delivery deadlines this holiday season. FedEx representative stated that the scheme will only impact minimum number of sellers but “limits the options for those small businesses on some of the highest-demand shipping days in history.” Amazon and […]

EUR/USD pressured by trade uncertainty

The currency pair, EUR/USD is trading beneath 1.11; it is consolidating its gains. Such has happened as there is tension borne out of the uncertainty regarding the U.S. tariffs being planned to be placed on China. Pressure is also being felt as U.S. inflation is rearing its ugly head alongside the all-important Fed decision. While […]

Tighter election poll makes GBP/USD pair apprehensive, consolidates losses around 1.3150

At present, the GBP/USD is trading below 1.3150. It has consolidated its losses after British polls revealed that the Conservative are in the lead for UK elections. Here are the important figures: POUND RATESGBP/USD 1.31 50 1/ 51 1-0.00384 (-0.29%)EUR/GBP 0.84 24 3/ 25 40.00126 (0.15%)GBP/JPY 142.94 70 0/ 20 0-0.49850 (-0.35%) Technical Analysis of […]

Japanese stocks suffer from anxiety brought by US tariffs implementation

TOKYO-Japanese shares inched down on Tuesday brought by threats of US tariffs on Chinese imports despite developments and positive commentary from Washington and Beijing’s trade talks. The Nikkei index plummeted down 0.18% to 23,388.92 at exactly 0157 GMT, as industrial and consumer discretionary sectors topped the decliner board. Both Washington and Beijing remained diplomatic as […]

GBP/USD on 7-month highs; Tories on the lead

The GBP/USD pair stands strong, as it retraces from the new seven-month highs of 1.3180. This came after polls revealed the Conservatives’ lead. Cable had reportedly dropped last Friday in the middle of positive U.S. data. Bulls can be kept happy in light of October highs near 1.3013 being the target and highs marked in […]

EU finance ministers agree Facebook’s Libra too risky

EU finance ministers agreed that Facebook’s Libra and other private digital currencies should not be allowed in the European Union unless the risks they pose are finally addressed. This confirms EU’s tough criticism of Libra, which was announced in June and has since been the talk of global regulators due to its possible impact on […]

Nissan to halt operations for two days in US unit next month

Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co announced a two-day operations halt for its US unit next month, as the automaker alleviates the drop in profitability in the US. Nissan’s overall profits fell sharply this current fiscal year, affected by dropping sales in US and China as well as a stronger yen in the foreign exchange market. […]

Caltex Australia elicits higher bid by working with Canadian suitor

MELBOURNE- Caltex Australia’s top executives disclosed on Thursday their plan of coordinating with a Canadian suitor in high hopes of acquiring larger takeover offer. Such followed after the petrol pump and convenience store operator rejected suitor’s A$8.61 billion offer. Caltex Australia dismissed a takeover proposal by Canadian convenience store operator Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc as it […]

Nintendo Switch to launch in China

Nintendo is launching Switch in China as it joins forces with Tencent. However, Switch will have a tough road ahead as it faces gaming mobile phones as its competition. On Wednesday, Nintendo, in partnership with Tencent, announced that the Switch will be available in China starting December 10 at 2,099 yuan ($297).  Nintendo Switch will […]

Nintendo to officially launch Switch gaming console in China

Japan’s Nintendo Co will officially launch its Switch gaming console in mainland China for the price of 2,099 yuan or $298. The launch is set on Dec. 10 in partnership with Tencent Holdings Ltd., a Chinese internet-based platform company and the world’s biggest gaming company. A few days ahead of the launch, pre-orders have begun […]

Nikkei underperforms due to concerns of extended trade dispute

TOKYO- Japan’s Nikkei recorded lowest data in two weeks on Wednesday as market anxiety pressed due to US President Donald Trump’s remarks, while firmer yen dampened investors’ appetite. The Nikkei 225 index shed a total of 1.24% to 23, 089.21 as it tailed under its 25-day moving average of 23,253. “In some ways, I like […]

Thai shippers cut 2019 export forecast to fall 2.5%-3.0%

Thai shippers cut 2019 export forecast to fall 2.5%-3.0% Thailand’s shipping association on Tuesday lowered its 2019 export forecast for the year’s fifth time. With a forecasting drop of 2.5% and 3.0%, the prediction was made due to global trade tensions and a strong local currency. In October, the association forecasted an export decline of […]

Japan stocks hit highest level in a month on positive Chinese data

TOKYO- Japanese shares soared on Monday with most gains in a month following data disclosure that China’s factory activity and domestic demand recuperated, relieving worries about the health of world’s second-largest economy.   At 0150 GMT, the Nikkei index hit 1.02% to 25,531.85, brought heavily by industrial and consumer discretionary sectors’ earnings. The index reached […]

Oil prices steady on quiet Thanksgiving trade and next week’s OPEC+ meet

Oil prices were steady on Friday, with the US Thanksgiving holiday coming. Meanwhile, investors anticipate the OPEC meeting set to be on the first week of December as possibilities of extending the production cut may arise. Brent crude LCOcl dropped 5 cents, at $63.82 a barrel by 0103 GMT. It initially dropped 0.3% on Thursday. […]

Peru speeds up $29 billion infrastructure spending

Peru is set to cut excessive regulation on the $29 billion fund for infrastructure that is aimed at reviving the economy and inducing public investment, according to Peru’s economy ministry. The move is dedicated to speed up the construction on 52 “large-scale, public service-oriented projects, whose completion will reduce the infrastructure gap, as well as […]

Britain’s business services down, weakest in 8 years

Profits from professional and business services firms in the UK fell the lowest since 2011 for a second quarter running as businesses are also cutting down on investments, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). CBI surveys have consistently showed a pessimistic outlook of the British economy as businesses face political uncertainties caused by […]

Apollo Global raises offer to $6 billion in Tech Data private deal

Apollo Global Management raises its offer to $6 billion to take over Tech Data private, according to the US information technology equipment distributor. The offered deal is worth $5.14 billion excluding debt, higher than Apollo’s previous offer of $4.77 billion. Tech Data shareholders will now receive $145 per share, compared to the initial $130 per […]

HP Inc reports higher PC sales, beats profit estimates

HP Inc reported its quarterly earnings, beating analyst estimates. Higher sales in personal computers and workstations countered the low sales of its printer business. Revenue from HP’s personal systems unit rose 3.6%, or $10.43 billion in the fourth quarter, beating analyst estimates of $10.29 billion. HP is the second largest PC maker after Lenovo Group […]

Asian shares gain stable ground as mood favors trade

Asian shares gain stable ground as mood favors trade Asian shares gained stable ground on Monday as Investors placed hopes for some progress on the Sino-U.S trade dispute. U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien said On Saturday that an initial trade agreement with China is still possible by the end of the year. However, he […]

Energy, mining sectors boost Australian shares up; NZ plunges

Nov. 22 Australian shares recorded a well-ended session on Friday enforced by gains in energy and mining stocks. However, worries dragged financial sector down following Goldman Sachs’ decision of cutting its target price on Westpac. Such met a lawsuit over financial violation. The S&P/ASX 200 index inched higher with 0.6% at 6,709.80 while recording its […]


TOKYO, Nov 21 – Japanese stocks suffered in three consecutive weeks as reemerging concerns about Sino-US trade pact signing and recently passed US legislation on Hong Kong directly impacted market condition. Nikkei shares shed 1.2% to 22,872.03, recording its lowest point since Nov. 1.as it was potentially set to hit its worst drop in seven […]


Australian financial institution, Tyro Payments released a prospectus on Monday planning to raise A$252.7 million ($173.23 million) for domestic initial public offering (IPO). Tyro’s scheme will push through even though six listings were previously declined last October. This came after investors demand lower prices to arm against the probability of post-float losses. The firm expressed […]


BERLIN-Germany’s annual federal budget for 2020 will increase to an estimated 362 billion euros, according to a draft submitted by a parliament committee on Friday. This presented a total of 1.1% rise and an indication of a balanced budget. The drafted amount worth 1.7 Billion Euros is higher than the amount proposed by Finance Minister […]

Japanese economy slows to a near-halt as trade tensions pile

Japanese economy slows to a near-halt as trade tensions pile Japan’s economy slowed to a near-halt in the third quarter. This was due to the continous fall of exports amid trade tensions whilst a shopping splurge before a sales tax increase ran down stockpiles of goods. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been mulling over the […]

German economy eludes third quarter recession with 0.1% expansion

The German economy eluded recession in third quarter, saved by strong consumer spending that raised the output by 0.1% quarter-on-quarter. It withstood anticipations of a contraction, as shown by data released on Thursday. Europe’s largest economy expanded its gross domestic product by 0.5% from July to September, following a 0.3% raise from April to June. […]

EU Commission plans new rules for bank capital as part of reform

The EU Commission planned to propose new rules on bank capital within the European Union by June, according to the EU finance commissioner. The idea is to introduce a reform that was globally agreed on two years ago. The new rules named Basel III, which was also agreed with the United States, tells that an […]

Alibaba hit $23 billion sales in first nine hours of its annual Singles’ Day

Alibaba Group Holding Inc. reported sales of 158.31 billion yuan ($22.63 billion) for the first nine hours of its annual Singles’ Day shopping festival. The sales were 25%, or 126.72 billion yuan higher than the previous year. The annual Singles’ Day is likened to the United States’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and has […]


TOKYO-Japan’s stock index reached 13-month high record last Friday brought by economic optimism. This followed after months of inactivity over conflicting data about Sino-US trade deal progress. The Nikkei rallied up to 0.26% at 23,391.87 after its highest record of 23, 591.09 on Oct. 10 back in 2018. Its weekly session tallied a 2.37% gain […]

Asia stocks hang in balance as doubts on trade talks resurface

Asian stocks paused near multi-month peaks while bonds squeezed out a bounce as delays to seal a preliminary China-U.S. trade were reported. The uncertainty has left investors frustrated with the slow progress and lack of concrete actions. The updates in early European trades are as follows: London’s FTSE futures climbed 0.2%, Euro Stoxx futures were […]

Foreign holdings of China equities reaches a record high

Foreign holdings of China equities reaches a record high Foreign holdings of Chinese stocks soared to a record high in the end of the third quarter despite trade disputes with the United States. By late September, Chinese equities held by foreigners amounted to a record of 1.77 trillion Yuan ($253.14 billion) after maintain a steady […]

GoDaddy posts 12 percent revenue, bids for $500 million share buyback

GoDaddy Inc announced on Wednesday it share buyback amounting to $500 million, its biggest thus far, including a reported increase in quarterly revenue of about 12%. The company posted profit markers as it attracted more users, thus earning more and boosting its shares by 10% in extended trading. GoDaddy is a web hosting company that […]

Stocks plummet as investors await trade war’s next move

Stocks plummet as investors await trade war’s next move Stocks plummeted in the Asian markets on Wednesday for the first time after three trading sessions as investors anxiously awaited new developments in the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. Treasury yields and crude oil futures also fell slightly as investors sat back anticipating results as U.S. and […]

Corbyn, Labour, and the December Election

Seen as volatile by political analysts, the electorate is in question regarding the upcoming election on December 12th. Reeling after the Brexit impasse, the Labour Party is split, with a number of them seeing that their only chance of remaining afloat is going to the polls. Labour Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn is seen as effective […]

Japanese government bonds retain gains after BOJ sticks to its monetary policy

Japanese government bonds retain gains after BOJ sticks to its monetary policy Japanese government bond prices steadied toward gains on Thursday following the Bank of Japan’s (BOJ) decision to stick to its policy targets and tweak its forward policy outlook. The gains had also benefitted from a rally in U.S. bonds after a Federal Reserve […]

Hong Kong’s Suncity unveils plans to operate Philippine’s casino-resort

Hong Kong’s Suncity unveils plans to operate Philippine’s casino-resort Hong Kong’s Suncity Group Holdings Ltd unveiled plans on Tuesday to enter the fast-growing gambling market in the Philippines along with a deal to operate a casino and resort in the country’s version of the Las Vegas strip. The deal marks Suncity’s first step in tapping […]

Weak sales to China contracts South Korea’s October exports

Weak sales to China contracts South Korea’s October exports South Korea’s exports likely contracted in October, falling for an 11th straight month. This was pressured by weak sales to China and a sluggish global demand for semiconductors. However, economists expect the decline to wear out as favorable base effects would likely kick in starting from […]

Oil prices slide despite easing Sino-U.S. trade tensions

Oil prices slide despite easing Sino-U.S. trade tensions Oil prices slid down on Monday in Asia despite easing Sino-U.S. trade tensions. China’s Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) said on Friday that Beijing and Washington were close to signing a partial trade deal. “They made headway on specific issues and the two sides are […]

Glencore to trim copper and zinc production targets

Glencore to trim copper and zinc production targets Glencore PLC said that it would produce slightly less copper and zinc in the year than initially planned. The world’s biggest commodity trader has trimmed their production targets from 1.025 million tons to 1.01 million tons of copper from its non-African business. It will also aim, to […]

Sweden opened for 100-year bonds amid ongoing review

Sweden opened for 100-year bonds amid ongoing review Sweden’s debt office is looking into the option of issuing bonds as long as 100 years according to its director general, Hans Lindblad. However, the office wants more time to research the subject before making its decision. The comments follow an announcement by the Stockholm-based office that […]

Brexit limbo pauses British Pound

Brexit limbo pauses British Pound The British Pound stabilized on Thursday as Brexit enters a fresh holding pattern. Sterling held at $1.2911 after Britain’s parliament backed a withdrawal deal while European Union members delayed deciding whether to grant a three-month extension to the October 31st leaving date. The Pound has soared 6% in its 2-week, […]

TD Securities: Brexit developments, quiet

The Analysts at TD Securities, Brexit developments today may be relatively quiet. This is in light of EU’s decision on Article 50’s extension due on Friday, Monday even, at an emergency summit–that is, if things go unpleasant. According to an Analyst, “France and a few other small countries are reportedly the hold-outs as they would […]

Tesla makes surprise profit figures

Tesla makes surprise profit figures Tesla made a surprise profit markers as it posted $342 million. Wall Street had expected the company would yield negative figures amounting to $257 million. After the trading hours, Tesla’s shares moved up by 20%. In the second half of the year 2018, Tesla posted back-to-back profits. But since the […]

Wall Street slams WWE as its annual shares plummet

Wall Street slams WWE as its annual shares plummet World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) shares struggled this year and Wall Street might kick them out of the markets. WWE must be capitalizing on its new TV deals with Fox and Comcast that financially benefit the company. However, the stock is 10% down this year and more […]

Kazakhstan’s Kashagan oil output falls due to unplanned maintenance

Kazakhstan’s Kashagan oil output falls due to unplanned maintenance Production of oil and gas condensate at Kazakhstan as its Kashagan project decreased due to unplanned maintenance according to the energy ministry. While it declined to elaborate, two industry sources said that daily production at Kashagan had fallen from 365,000 barrels to 294,000 barrels on average […]

South Africa is working to attract private investors; Ramaphosa says

South Africa is working to attract private investors; Ramaphosa says South African President Cyril Ramaphosa told the Financial Times Africa Summit that the country was working to restore its institutions and secure private investment in order to grow the economy. Ramaphosa, whose nation is struggling to gain momentum for economic growth, also said that they […]

U.S. futures flat ahead trade talks

U.S. futures flat ahead trade talks U.S. futures were flat on Thursday as investors remained cautious from mixed signals ahead of trade talks between the U.S. and China. The South China Morning Post reported that no progress has been made in deputy-level trade talks on Thursday, saying it will only last a day instead of […]

Zimbabwe hikes electricity prices, affecting impoverished consumers

Zimbabwe hikes electricity prices, affecting impoverished consumers Zimbabwe hiked its average electricity tariff by 320% on Wednesday in attempts to ramp up power supplies at a time of daily blackouts. However, the move has angered consumers already grappling with soaring inflation that is eroding their earnings. The southern African nation is experiencing its worst economic […]

Market sentiment fragile as U.S.-China talks and Brexit deals fade hopes

Market sentiment fragile as U.S.-China talks and Brexit deals fade hopes European stocks steadied on Wednesday but market sentiment remained fragile as negotiations for a Brexit withdrawal deal seemed all but dead. The sentiment carried on in addition of the U.S.-China trade dispute. Markets mostly blame their sentiment on concerns that the U.S.-China conflict over […]

Crypto trading spikes in Hong Kong amid protests

Crypto trading spikes in Hong Kong amid protests Bitcoin, as well as other significant cryptocurrencies, traded slightly higher on Thursday in Asia. According to data, trading in digital coins spiked mostly in Hong Kong. Economists suggest that the reason for this is that traders may be seeking potential alternatives amid ongoing political unrest that rocked […]

Japanese Govt. Bonds slips as investors wager on steepening yield curve

Japanese Govt. Bonds slips as investors wager on steepening yield curve Japanese government bond prices slipped on Monday as investors wagered that the Bank of Japan could adjust its policy to steepen the yield curve next month to address the side-effects of negative interest rates. BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said that if the bank were […]

Dollar holds its own as investors seek shelter

Dollar holds its own as investors seek shelter The U.S. Dollar found broad support on Monday as global political uncertainty and fears over a widening of the Sino-U.S. trade war kept investors in safe havens. The Dollar was backed ahead of a slew of global economic indicators during the week. The Greenback was steady against […]

Brexit could commence without a deal, Sajid Javid says

Brexit could commence without a deal, Sajid Javid says The United Kingdom would be able to leave the European Union on October 31st without a deal despite laws demanding a Brexit delay from the Prime Minister if there was no agreement. This is what Finance Minister Sajid Javid had said on Monday.   When asked […]

Sibanye-Stilwater to cut over 5,000 jobs in Marikana restructuring

Sibanye-Stilwater to cut over 5,000 jobs in Marikana restructuring South African miner, Sibanye-Stilwater said on Wednesday that it could cut around 5,270 jobs in order to restructure its loss-making Marikana mine. Sibanye said that the aim of the restructuring is to return the mine to profit and ensure the sustainability of its remaining shafts. The […]

German manufacturing shrinks amid Brexit and global trade disputes

The Eurozone came close to stalling in September after global trade disputes and the threat of a no-deal Brexit triggered the fastest fall in manufacturing output in nearly seven years. Germany was the main cause of the slowdown following a survey of private sector activity. It had shown that the growing threat to international trade […]

Cryptocurrencies fall after the lackluster launch of a futures contract

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies fell in Asia after a lackluster launch of the Bitcoin futures contract. Bitcoin lost 2.6% to $9,733.7 by 1:20 AM ET (05:20 GMT). The digital coin climbed higher earlier in the day following the official launch of Bakkt’s much-anticipated Bitcoin futures. However, while the launch was considered a “significant milestone” […]

U.S.-Japan trade deal hits last-minute setback on auto tariffs

A U.S.-Japan trade deal hit a last-minute setback as Tokyo officials sought assurances that the Trump administration will not impose national security tariffs on Japanese-built cars and auto parts, sources familiar with the talks said on Monday. U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have been aiming to sign a trade deal […]

Oman not in talks with Gulf countries for Financial Aid

Oman not in talks with Gulf countries for Financial Aid Oman was not present in discussions among the Gulf countries for any aid package, an official said, despite a large fiscal deficit and the expectation of a slowdown in economic growth in the year. “Not from our side. I have not discussed anything,” Tahir Al […]

Blackstone to buy five hotels in Greek islands

Blackstone to buy five hotels in Greek islands Blackstone Real Estate Partners Europe, a unit of U.S. private equity firm Blackstone Group, agreed to buy five hotels in Greece from Louis Group in a deal valued at 178.6 million euros ($197 million), the firm said on Friday. Greece has seen an upsurge in tourism in […]

India gives companies $20.5 billion tax break to attempt growth revival

India gives companies $20.5 billion tax break to try to revive growth India’s government slashed corporate taxes giving a surprise $20.5 billion break at reviving private investments and lifting growth from a six-year low that has caused job losses and fueled discontent in the countryside. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had told reporters the effective corporate […]

Bank recovery lifts European stocks higher

Bank recovery lifts European stocks higher A rally in bank stocks for the first time in four sessions lifted European shares on Thursday after the U.S. Federal Reserve cut interest rates but set a higher bar for further reductions. European banks rose the highest among major sectors, which benefitted from investors rotating into underperforming stocks. […]

Ireland finds no breakthroughs with UK’s Brexit proposals

Ireland said on Thursday that the United Kingdom had failed to supply credible Brexit proposals, adding that there had been no breakthrough at talks with the Northern Irish party siding with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government. “We need to get credible proposals that we simply haven’t seen yet,” Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveny said, adding […]

Dollar sits at seven-week high vs Yen ahead of Fed meeting

Dollar sits at seven-week high vs Yen ahead of Fed meeting The dollar held near a seven-week high against the Japanese yen on Wednesday before the outcome of a Federal Reserve meeting where officials are widely expected to cut interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point. “The focus will be on the policy […]

Japan sought reconfirmation from US for no additional tariffs on auto exports

Japan sought reconfirmation from US for no additional tariffs on auto exports Japan plans to reconfirm that Washington would not impose additional tariffs on Japanese automobiles and auto parts, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said on Tuesday after the final stages of trade talks with the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that […]

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